This Chick Read: The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

The Girl of Fire and Thorns tells the story of Elisa who is born as the Chosen one. The Chosen  is born to lead their people against evil. At her baptism she is bathed in a bright light and blessed with a god stone embedded in her naval. This godstone has magical powers that she will use to save her people.  Or at least that is the legend. When we meet Elisa, she is an insecure, nervous wreck. She has been kept sheltered from the reality that she was born to, spending her days reading scripture and eating sweets.  As with most royals she is sacrificed into marriage to a man quite a bit older than she, and at the age of sixteen shipped off to his kingdom to live away from everything she’s known. This begins her journey of self discovery. Through this new life, the dangers she faces and friendships she makes, she unwittingly becomes the Chosen one worthy of all of the legends.

The Elisa we met at the beginning of this book was hard to read. I think we all have that fearful, insecure person inside of us and maybe I saw something within her that I outgrew myself. I knew that she had to shed that persona to grow and become, and I was impatient for that to happen.  So for me, the beginning of this book was a bit slow.  The language Rae Carson uses to describe Elisa’s spirituality is so lyrical and lovely that it soothed me, almost to sleep!  However, I was intrigued by this girl who had a godlike stone that she didn’t have a clue how to use to fight an evil that could conquer and take over her world.  After a third of the book, the action kicked in and Elisa started to show her intelligence and kickassness.  At that point I was hooked. Rae Carson threw out that line and caught me.

The style of writing used to tell this spiritual and physical journey is truly gorgeous. Ms. Carson spoke in words as colorful as the most beautiful stained glass windows. If you are patient I think you too will be captured by its beauty.


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