This Chick Read: Veiled Threat (Highland Magic #3) by Helen Harper

If you have not read this charming series by Helen Harper, you are missing out!  Integrity, a name that is somewhat of an oxymoron, as she is a former thief, has lived up to her name and shown that she exudes both integrity and honor.  She is determined to claim Clan Adair’s land, and to clear her father’s name as the murderer of his clan. At the end of Honour Bound, Integrity loses the Sidhe games, but wins the prize when her crush, Byron awards her the prize he has won.

Veiled Threat revolves around Integrity claiming her land, and honoring the agreement to collect the bones of one of their clan out of the Lowlands. Byron arrives to help her even while still not believing her claim that his father killed hers.  There are a few surprises, mixed in with misadventures and a romantic tease, but essentially this novel is a prelude to the final installment, Last Wish due out December, 01.

I am eager for Byron to finally believe the truth about his father, but at the same time I dread it. It breaks my heart to think of a son’s love and trust in his father will be destroyed. I do look forward to the fulfillment of all that chemistry between Byron and Integrity, but wonder if the cost is worth the reward.


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