This Chick Read: Forgotten Sins (Sin Brothers #1) by Rebecca Zanetti

Having read and reviewed Deadly Silence which is a spin off of the Sin Brothers series, and being a fan of Rebecca Zanetti’s I thought it was about time to get started on my genetically engineered soldier education!  

Shane wakes up in the hospital with amnesia and doesn’t recognize the woman who says she is his wife, but his get tells him she’s his, and he’s determined not to let her go again.  The last thing Josie expected was to get a call from the hospital saying they had admitted her husband with a head trauma.  She hasn’t seen  her husband since he disappeared two years ago. She reluctantly takes him home determined to keep him at a distance. Their chemistry reignites, and Shane’s protective instincts flare up when he realizes that he may have brought danger to her door.

Shane was one dangerous mofo, but his skills were all going to be used to protect his woman.  There was a bit of a power struggle between them throughout the book, as Josie was not a weak willed woman. Yes, she was not genetically engineered, but she did have a mean knee to the ‘nads on more than one occasion, and genetically engineered or not, that stung and her point was made.  As with Deadly Silence, the book takes off when his brothers enter the story and some of their history is revealed. Josie is immediately encircled into their family, and as the danger to her progresses, they work together to solve the mystery and make their family safe.

I really enjoyed this book.  It took me away from the real world, and inspired fantasies of hot military alpha men who could set our real world right. Unfortunately, (sigh) these fictional characters jump off the page in spirit, but not in reality.


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