This Chick Read: Rogue (Talon #2) by Julie Kagawa

Rogue starts off right where the first book leaves off.  Ember Hill left her twin brother, who was loyal to Talon, and went Rogue. She joined Riley on the run, but instead of fleeing, she convinced him to break into the headquarters of the Soldiers of St. George to rescue Garrett, who has been tried for treason and found guilty.

In the first book, we were given hints of the depths of evil Talon hid. In Rogue, those depths are explored further. As Ember has run ins with Talon, and we are given a behind the scenes perspective through Dante’s eyes, we see the manipulations of a well crafted political machine. Dante plays the game well but I haven’t figured out if he truly believes that Talon will embrace Ember’s return without punishment, or if he is truly becoming a bad guy, only interested in what he himself has to gain from her return. On the flip side, Ember still seems so naive, even though she is being put through the ringer. It would be clever if we find out in Soldier that Dante is the naive one, and Ember the evil genius, but I don’t think that’s the direction this series is going. Ember is our hero, and through her we are idealistic with the hope to see dragons become free.

Rogue continues the typical young adult trope of a love triangle, in this novel between Ember, Riley and Garrett.  I love that through his relationship with Ember, Garrett’s eyes have been opened to the fact that all dragons are not evil.  That he begins to see a kind of humanity within her, that he connects with. However, the fact that he has killed dozens of dragons, and that she is dragon first, and human only to hide in plain sight, leaves doubt that she will pick him in the end.  Or he her, truthfully.  I do love his character though.  His own realizations and self disgust for his past actions versus Rileys somewhat cocky hero, would make me pick him every time, if I had that choice to make.

This book again ends with a cliffhanger of sorts, so I want to immediately pick up the next in the series. Luckily, Soldier is already out, so expect to see that review soon!


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