This Chick Read: Magic Binds (Kate Daniels) by Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniels is my ideal fantasy heroine.  She is selfless, strong, honorable and has a great sense of right and wrong.  In Magic Binds, she is all of those things, but the power that has been increasing within her, causes her to struggle, hard, to remain her true self.  She fights to retain her sense of self and pick the right road, instead of the easier road.  The plot centers around her father, Roland, who kidnaps Saiman.  Kate, even though she doesn’t like Saiman much, has to come up with a plan to steal him back.  If she doesn’t, it will set a precedent for others to harm or steal, infringing upon her territory.  She needs to send a message.  Don’t mess with Atlanta, it is my territory.

In the midst of fighting bad guys, learning more about her powers and her family’s history, and the occasional foray into a skirmish of some sort (which has some amazing writing!), Kate and Curran are planning their wedding.  The wedding planning creates the comic contrast to all of the serious stuff going on in Kate’s life.  As her power continues to grow, inhuman-like, the wedding reminds us of the end goal; love, children, family.  It supersedes everything else, giving Kate the anchor she needs fight Roland and all of the other crazies, and remain Kate.

I have such a clear vision of Kate in my head, that I didn’t realize that her physical looks are never described.  I’m sure in the first couple of books they were, but it would be interesting to re-read and see when Kate started being described for her internal attributes instead of her looks.  It made the scene at the end of the book that much more powerful.  What bride doesn’t look beautiful in her wedding dress?  Seeing her through Curran’s eyes, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Having been with her for all of her internal struggles to remain just Kate, we, the reader, know she is that beautiful on the inside too.

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher, Berkley Publishing Group, through NetGalley, for my honest review.


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