This Chick Read: Midnight Soul (Fantasyland Series #5) by Kristen Ashley

When a new Kristen Ashley book gets released, I along with hordes of other fans, immediately purchase the book and move it to the top of our TBR piles.  I did just that with Midnight Soul, as it is the final novel in my favorite, Fantasyland series.  The premise  for these books is that there is an alternate universe to ours, where our double lives.  As each book starts, the female heroine, living on earth, switches places with her counterpart in the alternate universe.  Sometimes it is their choice, and sometimes it is their doubles.  Much drama, angst, fun and hilarity ensue, while these ladies tempt and taunt their destined mate, until each novel ends in connubial bliss.  Midnight Soul is the one caveat to this rule.  You see, Nocturno -Noc to his friends, the only male hero in this series from Earth, does not have a destined mate in this alternate universe.  She is dead.  Part one of the previous books plot.  She was also a lesbian to boot.  So even if she had been alive, she would not have been the lady for him.  He meets Franka, the heroine in this novel, when their group saves their world.  She has also been introduced in past storylines, and she was not a very pleasant character.  Noc, see’s right through that hard mask, and against her will, Franka opens up to him, as she has to no other.

At first I wondered how this pairing was going to work.  Noc, is very much a man of Earth.  He is a jeans and T kind of guy, using slang to express himself.  Franka, one of the nobility of her land, speaks rather high brow, and I wouldn’t think would stoop to his earthy level.  However, it is that exact oppositeness that I thought struck a true note.  Not every couple is going to be a perfect fantasy pairing. Real couples have to work hard to make things work, and Noc and Frankka had some obstacles they both needed to overcome.  This was the most human of all of the books, and seemed a very fitting way to conclude the series.  As with her other couples, their chemistry was fiery from the start, and Franka was sassy and learned to be sweet, which was fun to read.

Ms. Ashley, wrote conclusions for some of my other favorite characters, and if you are a fan, you’ll be happy to read their HEA’s in the epilogue of this book.  


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