This Chick Read: Fever (A Ballroom Romance books 1-3) by Tonya Plank

Reading a Ballroom Dance romance is definitely not the norm for me, however, I received an ebook copy for free and decided to give it a try.  I will confess, part of my curiosity was because it was about Ballroom Dance.  I’m a fan of Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, and have even tried Ballroom Dance lessons with my husband and had a ton of fun, so I thought, what the hell!  The story is about Rory, a young lawyer by trade, an ex ballerina, who while at a work function with her boyfriend watches the entertainment, a couple of professional dancers.  She is enraptured by their grace, and the male dancers good looks (of course!).  Her boyfriend wins a package of classes, but gives them away to her boss.  She is devastated, because she feels like she is missing something in her life, and she had wonderful memories of her ballet days.  So, she decides to go to this dance school and enroll on her own.

Immediately I am struck by how fragile Rory’s character is.  She is a lawyer, a trade that is defined by their brains, but Rory has low self esteem, and even though she cares about her clients, she kind of stumbles along, apologizing and mumbling her motions.  I don’t care for weak female characters, so I’m surprised that I kept reading after figuring out that she wasn’t going to take prisoners and kick booty! By this point though, she had entered the ballroom dance classes, and I loved how the author described the dancing.   I do think my year of dance classes may have helped because I could visualize some of the moves, which made those scenes really fun to read. I wonder if you had never taken a lesson if it would be like watching a Rugby match and you’ve never played Rugby, not understanding one step. It could make this series hard to like.

Sasha, the Russian male dance instructor, was a hard character to figure out.  Sasha had intense energy and a lot of broody stares, but his actions in the first book, didn’t lead me to think there was much of a purpose to he and Rory’s association.  Until the second book, when the author FINALLY tells her reader what is up with his broody mess. Yep, I purchased the second book….and then the third.  It captured me enough that I read the 1000 or so pages in the three book series. It helped that each book ended with a cliff hanger.

I enjoyed the dance portions of these books more than the actual engagement between the two main characters.  I thought the author had an interesting premise- they go on to be dance partners and compete- but the dialog seemed more juvenile than their age required.  I read YA books that are better developed than this series, but there was something that captured my attention and kept me reading all three books.  If you have read these, or happen to pick up the first one to give it a try, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Did you like the characters?  The dancing? The romance?

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2 thoughts on “This Chick Read: Fever (A Ballroom Romance books 1-3) by Tonya Plank

  1. I may be biased because I am friends with the author, but I adored this series (and I feel its better writing than Tonya’s first book). You should check out the next part: Sasha! It’s told from his point of view

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    1. I didn’t dislike it at all! I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there was definitely something good that kept me coming back for more. I do wish that the female protagonist wasn’t as insecure, but it was great to see her growth over the three novels. thanks for the comment!


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