This Chick Read: Ride Hard by Laura Kaye

There is a fascination in the romance industry for the hard living, hard drinking, lawless, overly tattooed man’s man, who finds himself tamed by either the lawful girl next door or the beautiful buxom damsel in distress.  This novel gives us a heroine, Haven, who is a bit of both.  The MC Biker hero is Dare Kenyon, also all of the above, but mixed in with the tattoo’s and hard living is a decent guy who wants to help those who can’t help themselves.  The Ravens, his biker club, save women from husbands who beat them, or find new identities for women on the run.  Yes, these are bikers who do good!   There is also a subplot where they are running guns, but this seems to be a one time thing, so i feel like it’s ok for me to like these guys.

I have read a few books in this genre and some of them were truly horrible.  I’ve wondered how that lawlessness, combined with bad writing could make any female continue on with this fantasy!  BUT!  Yep, a big but here…  Laura Kaye can actually write.  Gasp!  There is a plot.  Gasp again!  I actually enjoyed reading about these characters!  Triple Gasp!  Seriously though, this was a well written romance novel.  Haven, not only had a cool name, but her character was well developed, her best friend/sidekick Cara, was pretty funny (and you know there was more to her story than we were told in this book!), and I liked the way the love story between Haven and Dare played out.

Dare could have been anything and have had any job.  It just so happens he was a biker.  Even though he was tough as shit on the outside, he was ooey gooey inside, and had a lot of heart.  I can get behind a lot of heart in a guy, whether they be biker, doctor or garbage man!  Kudos to Laura Kaye, for taking this genre in a different direction, writing a solid story that was interesting and making me care for these characters.  The title also makes me laugh a little, let’s be honest!

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