This Chick Read: My American Duchess by Eloisa James

Merry, the plucky American heroine in My American Duchess, has broken two engagements at home in Boston, and comes to England to hopefully meet her future husband.  Just as she gets engaged for the third time, she meets a strange man on a balcony at a ball and feels an instant connection with him.  The Duke of Trent is fascinated by this outspoken, charismatic woman and decides instantly to marry her.  Unfortunately for him, she is already engaged… to his twin brother.  As she has two broken engagements behind her, she is determined to stick to this third engagement, and the Duke will not steal her away from his brother, who is a complete ass. So, the will they or won’t they dance of courtship begins.

Merry, is a very easy character to like, after all, she is very much like a modern American woman.  She is forthright, truthful, and is not impressed by rank or royalty.  These things make her somewhat of an embarrassment in English society of that day, but are also what makes her stand out, and keeps the Duke interested, and keeps my interest as well.  Her fiancé, Cedric, is somewhat of a pig, and I think the book spends a little too much time with him, instead of focusing on the romance between the Duke and Merry.  He was the largest obstacle they had to overcome to be together, so I get why he needed to be so a large part of the book, and also so unlikeable.  However, I get the feeling Eloisa James’ next book may be his story, and I certainly hope he has grown up a little bit!

The Duke, as a lot of these historical men are, is too handsome for his own good, doesn’t dress in silks and satins, but in normal black pants, white shirts and boots.  He does not believe in love either, which is the second obstacle he and Merry face as they tiptoe around each other and their feelings.  However, don’t you historical romance fans worry, the book has a very nice HEA, and does not disappoint!

This book was a fun weekend read, well written, with a fun plucky heroine.  If you like to fantasize about becoming an English princess, or in this case, an American Duchess, then this book will hit all of the right notes for you.


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