This Chick Read: To Scotland with Love by Patience Griffin

This novel had what appeared to be the romance trifecta- a woman overcoming heartbreak, a change of scenery to Scotland, and a gorgeous kilt wearing Alpha male.  Who wouldn’t want to check this one out?  Journalist Caitie MacLeod, newly divorced, confidence low, escapes to her hometown in Scotland after many years away.  She is estranged from her Grandmother, now her only living relative, and is determined to rebuild that relationship.  When she arrives in Gandiegow, she is surprised to find actor Graham Buchanan in residence.  Gandiegow is his refuge from the media, where he is able to be himself and not a movie star, and be near his son and grandson.  The two of them have an instant connection, but Caitie is torn between her journalistic instincts, and finally finding a home in this small town.  The villagers are a great mix of funny and sad characters that really added a lot of heart to this pretty simple storyline.

Caitie and Graham certainly have chemistry, and their story is fun to read, but I really enjoyed the storyline between Caitie and her Gran.  Her Gran had such fire and sass! She really made Caitie work at earning her love, so much so that when she finally coaxed a smile out of her, I felt that stab of pride and smiled too.  The other storyline I enjoyed was with Duncan and Mattie, Graham’s son and grandson.  Mattie was adorable, and as a small child, the men showed him warmth and love naturally.  Graham and Duncan, on the other hand were somewhat cold to each other and it wasn’t until tragedy struck that the two men showed their feelings with each other.

This story had quite a few surprises.  The biggest being that it was so much more than a sweet romance novel.  Lessons were learned and weaknesses were overcome.  In the end, everyone, not just the two main characters, were united in love.


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