This Chick Read: Bounty by Kristen Ashley 

Deke Hightower has been a silent hero in the other Colorado Mountain series books. He has been on the sidelines, but has been a part of a couple of very big action scenes, so it is very fitting that he’s finally the subject of his own book.  I love how Kristen Ashley sets the scene for Jussy and Deke’s story.  Having met previously when both were younger, circumstances were not on their sides, and they were not given the opportunity to explore much of anything beyond a brief flirtation.  For Jussy, Deke, was the one that other men were always compared to, and found lacking.  When their paths crossed again, Jussy realized that Deke did not recognize her, and thought that their connection may have been only one sided.  Kristen Ashley did a great job of building up the tension between the two of them, so that finally, when trouble arose and in Deke’s own words, he finally pulled his head out of his ass, the reader was breathless with anticipation, and thankful that THE moment had finally arrived.

As with most of Kristen Ashley’s novels, there was a great deal of passion, and boy was it hot!  There was also a great storyline about Jussy and Deke’s two different worlds and how they would or would not fit together. Then there was the danger/action part of the book, always my favorite.  KA always writes a great female in peril story, and an awesome alpha, take-charge male who will rid the world of her problems.  This book was no different.  In fact, I think the relationship arc had a lot more depth than her last novel, Sebring.  If Deke were a lake, it would be deep and dark.  When his background story was revealed, i felt that hit to the gut just as Jussy did.  The comparison between the way that Kristen Ashley portrayed Deke, versus the way she wrote Nick Sebring made me wonder if possibly KA was happy to write with more compassion.   Bounty felt a little bit more genuine than her last novel, maybe that was part of the reason why I liked it a bit better.

This is not the last novel in the Colorado Mountain series.  She wrote on her Facebook page that Wood and Maggie were going to be next, thank goodness!  They have been in every book, and we’ve heard a little bit of their story, but I’d like to hear the whole thing.  In the meantime, if you haven’t read any of them, pls try them out!  I love how characters from other series will make an appearance here and there, in all of her books.  Joe Callahan from the Burg series makes a brief cameo in this one,  and you’ll hear a couple of other familiar names as you read this book, as well.  It made me want to pick up their stories and read them again!

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