This Chick Read: The Cosy Tea Shop in the Castle by Caroline Roberts

The Cosy Tea Shop in the Castle was a fun, light hearted romance.  As an American reader, I got a kick out of the British witticisms, and cheeky humor.  I’ll admit that part of the fun for me was trying to figure out some of the British slang, but the story was also well told.  Ellie, at times felt a bit young, but I admired that she wanted to leave the safety of her parents house and boring job to open a tea shop in a castle.  She had absolutely no experience at all, except that she was great in the kitchen and had a book full of wonderful recipes from her Nanna.  Joe, took a chance on hiring Ellie, guessing at her lack of experience, but was charmed by her personality in the interview and didn’t fight too hard against his attraction.  The author wrote both characters with a little grit, both being determined to make their situations work, and a ton of humor.  There were some great supporting characters as foils to the two main characters.  As I kept reading, I began to root for Ellie and Joe to succeed in business, but to also win each other’s love.

The synopsis, below, was taken directly from

Can Ellie bake her way to a happy ever after? A deliciously heartwarming novel for fans of Lucy Diamond and Milly Johnson.

When Ellie Hall lands her dream job running the little teashop in the beautiful but crumbling Claverham Castle, it’s the perfect escape from her humdrum job in the city. Life is definitely on the rise as Ellie replaces spreadsheets for scones, and continues her Nanna’s brilliant baking legacy.

When Lord Henry, the stick-in-the-mud owner, threatens to burst her baking bubble with his old-fashioned ways, Ellie wonders if she might have bitten off more than she can chew. But cupcake by cupcake she wins the locals over, including teashop stalwart, Doris, and Ellie’s showstopping bakes look set to go down in castle history!

Now all that’s missing in Ellie’s life is a slice of romance – can Joe, the brooding estate manager, be the one to put the cherry on the top of Ellie’s dream?

Ellie is 26, and even though she lacks the experience, she has a dream to open a tea shop and bake her Nanna’s recipes.  An homage to her recently deceased grandmother, who always encouraged her that no dream was too far out of reach.  Ellie, worked very hard to make her tea shop a success.  Yes, her relationship with Joe, was a major part of this story, but I liked the fact that she wasn’t afraid of the work.  Actually, I think a big part of Ellie’s attraction for Joe started as admiration for all the work she was doing to make the shop work.

There are not any hidden surprises in this novel, although there are hidden recipes at the end of the book.  Unfortunately for her American audience, the author didn’t translate the measurements from grams into cups.  Maybe on a future edition?  You can only hope!  I was a bit hungry by the time the novel ended and could have used a slice of sponge cake!

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    1. It was a cute romance! Some British slang so be warned. Unless, you’re a Brit, then, you’ll get the humor, probably more than I did! Tons of baking in this one too, so it will make you want some cake, too!


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