This Chick Read: Morrigan’s Cross by Nora Roberts

Morrigan’s Cross is the first book in Nora Roberts Circle Trilogy.  This book was first published in August of 2006, and was just reissued in January 2016.  Apparently I must have been living in a hole in the ground because I’ve never read this series!  As with most of Ms. Roberts trilogy’s, this storyline has a good versus evil theme.  Six people, of mixed backgrounds join together, using their various abilities, magical and warrior, to become a unit with the purpose of saving mankind from the evil Lilith.  Yes, Lilith makes an appearance in a Nora Roberts novel!  This variation of Lilith is the Mother of all Vampires, the ultimate evil herself.  The story introduces the reader to six characters united against is evil, but follows the love story of Hoyt and Glenna.

Hoyt, a Sorceror from the twelfth century, comes through the “Dance”, a mystical doorway through time, with the help of a goddess, Morrigan.  His mission is to find his twin brother, Cian, who was turned into a Vampire in the twelfth century, and who he had thought he’d killed.  There is a very interesting dynamic between the two men.  Hoyt had last seen his brother only a few weeks prior to being thrown forward in time to the 20th century.  His brother Cian, has lived as a vampire for a thousand years, though has stopped feeding from humans. He does not have the some brotherly love that Hoyt feels for him, and in fact is pretty cynical and unemotional.  The sub plot between the two brothers regaining their love for each other and creating that bond again, added depth to this novel that I feel her most recent trilogy’s of similar stories (Guardians and Dark Witch), have lacked.

Glenna is a witch from the 20th century.  Morrigan comes to her in visions showing her the battle she must face for humankind. She also has had very lifelike dreams of Hoyt, and in fact, came to Hoyts aid (she thought rough a dream), in his time, providing magical healing after his battle with Lilith and his brother.  Glenna’s 20th century sass clashes with Hoyt’s 12th century medieval beliefs about women and provides some welcome humor.  Together they have great chemistry and magical firepower.  I enjoyed the two of them as a couple and thought, together, they added something to the story rather than just becoming the token love story.

The big surprise in this book, was the author’s use of a red herring.  I fell for it hook, line and sinker!  I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read this book. But I will say that one plot line does NOT go in the direction that Nora led us down the path towards.  Bravo, Ms. Roberts, you had me fooled, and that does not happen with your books very often.  I also enjoyed the other characters as well, and look forward to reading the next two books soon.  Will there be any more surprises waiting for me?  I hope so!

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