This Chick Read: Rising Shadows by Bridget Blackwood

This book was released in October 2015, but the publisher, Booktrope, sent me a copy through NetGalley to review.  I read a lot of paranormal romance/fantasy novels.  The description for this book sounded intriguing, and as I read it I could see where the author was trying to go with it, but in my opinion it lacked detail, heart and depth.  As it’s the first book in the series, the author had to do a lot of introductions to characters and species.  She didn’t give enough attention to developing the plot.

The following description is from

Labeled an Arcane, Rachel Ryan wonders if she’s human anymore. After she’s thrown headlong into the world of The Preternatural Rachel learns Shapeshifters, Faeries, and Vampires aren’t legends. They’ve been living hidden in plain sight among humans. In her quest to save a child she will set off a cataclysmic chain of events. Her actions will disrupt the carefully balanced political chess board, casting once powerful pieces to the floor. A werewolf protector, a lost princess, a mad vampire, and an exiled Fae named Winter will rise up to challenge the status quo. A war that has been brewing in the shadows for centuries is ready to explode. Rachel must choose where her allegiance lies, tipping the scales, but who is an enemy and who is a friend?

The above synopsis makes it sound like this book is just about Rachel and her struggles.  She is definitely in the first half of the book, but really this book follows two women, and has different plot points.  If the author had spent more time and detail telling Rachel’s story, I think it would’ve been a better book.  She could’ve introduced Winter in that story, as she in fact did, and then written a second book, in detail, and focused on that story.  The author became too distracted by trying to fit all of these story plot points in one book, and didn’t fully develop any of these characters.  I really couldn’t care less if they survived their struggles.

I wanted to like it, but I struggled to finish it.


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