This Chick Read: My first book on the blog

I typically only read a book if I think it’s not too serious, won’t give me nightmares, and has a little action.  I read a little bit of everything, though lean more towards romance than any other genre.  I blame my older sister for starting my romance addiction at the relatively young age of 16.  I went to visit her at college and would stay up until 2 am reading Silhouette romances.  We still swap good book titles and trade paperbacks when we see each other, which isn’t too often because we don’t live in the same state.

I am a huge e-book reader, mainly for convenience, and the fact that my eyesight has been getting steadily worse as I get older, so I like a lit up tablet.  My IPad Air is my best friend.  Well, except for my husband, I spend more time with my iPad than anything else.  Not that I’m anti social, but I guess I kind of am!  I’m a sales manager who shares duties managing a 13 person team of advertising executives.  Which is kind of like herding cats.  They each have their own focus and wander away from the herd, and it’s my job to steer them back on track and try to get the best results out of them.  Needless to say, by the end of the day, I’m more often exhausted than not.  So, after eating dinner and having a little conversation with my husband, I like to lose myself in a book for an hour or so.

This past weekend I came down with a cold, which, well, sucked.  After spending Saturday in bed watching season 3 of Game of Thrones ( finally I learned whose wedding was the “red wedding”!), I decided to get on my iPad and read a book from my Overdrive app .  If you haven’t checked out this app, it’s a must do!  If you have a library card, you can access your library and get almost any books for free.  Needless to say, I have read a ton of books on this app.  Many of them very good, some of them not so good, but ok, and a lot of them just awful.  I have a hard time putting a book down and not reading the whole thing unless it’s truly awful.  But because I have access to so many books, I’ve become more discriminate than I have been in the past.  If the first chapter doesn’t grab me, unless someone recommended the book to me, I’ll return it.  I usually have 10 books checked out at a time, so I can be on to another a lot quicker than in the past if I were reading the paper version.

So, i was sick this weekend and read a few books.  Yep, a few.  Usually, my husband and I spend time doing stuff together, but I was sick, so there weren’t any expectations but for me to lay around reading.  The first book I read was an old one of Nora Roberts called Command Performance from the series Cordina’s Royal Family.  This was the second book in the series, the first being Affair Royale, which I read a couple of weeks ago.   Nora Roberts is such a prolific writer, that I knew when I was reading this, and the male lead Prince Alexander lit up a cigarette, that this couldn’t be the first printing of this series.  Sure enough, it was originally published in 1987 through, of all things, Silhouette romances!  Just a few years after I spent the summer with my sister in Texas.  How appropriate!  This book hit all the notes that I loved when I was 16.


An heir to a small European kingdom falls in love with an American woman, who is an old family friend.  He brings her to Cordina, the fictional kingdom, where her acting troupe is to put on a 4 week run of American Classic plays.  He’s very handsome and she’s exotically lovely, I pictured Ryan Reynolds and a young Vivian Leigh, yeah I know, two different era’s of movie stars, but that’s what I love about imagination.  They can be anyone you want!  There is mystery, danger, a misunderstanding, of course, and a declaration of love.  The American girl gets to become a princess and we are left with a cliffhanger on the mystery which will be carried into the two books to follow.  A perfect light hearted romance for a day in bed with a cold.

The second book I read was J.T. Ellison’s Judas Kiss.


This is the third book in the Taylor Jackson series.  Apparently I had read the first, second and fourth, but had skipped the third and so I decided to catch up.  This series is about a police Lt. In Nashville, TN who solves crimes.  I love this series because I lived in Nashville for just over 6 years and I can picture all of the landmarks that the author throws into the story.  You can tell that J.T. Ellison is from the Nashville area because the city is really another character.  You may wonder why I went straight from a lighthearted romance to a crime novel.  Well, i like to switch up the genres. It’s hard to follow light hearted fluff, with light hearted fluff.  I start to feel guilty!  I knew this author wrote gritty novels, but I also knew it wasn’t so gruesome that I would have nightmares.  I remembered just enough about the series to remember that there is a recurring plot with a love interest who is hot. Taylor Jackson, the protagonist,  grew up in a privileged community but turned her back on it to become a cop.  I like the juxtaposition of the two worlds that are always subtext to the main storyline.  There is danger, romance, a cool best female friend,and a conclusion to the main plot, but there is a sub storyline that continues through the whole series that keeps you coming back. It was a very good read.

Now that I’m thinking about the two books together, I realize that even though they are two different genres, the men in the books are pretty similar.  Commanding, powerful, desperately in love, and fierce protectors.  Alpha males, yum.

Ok, here’s the third, and yes, I went back to a romance.

This is the first book of Shannon Stacey’s that I’ve read, and the first in the Kowalskis series.  It’s about two people who were high school sweethearts, Keri and Joe.  Keri broke up with Joe after high school to move across the country to California to pursue a career as a journalist.  He was devastated, became an alcoholic and a best selling author.  Keri’s editor finds out she knew him in high school and makes her go back and write an article about him.  He’s reclusive, doesn’t want the article written, and tries to dissuade her by telling her he’ll let her ask a question a day if she’ll go on a two week vacation with he and his extended family.  I picked this book up because my sister and I are going to the RT Booklovers Convention in Las Vegas next April, and Shannon Stacey will be one of the 800 authors who will be there.  I was so hugely surprised by this book!  The main characters had so much chemistry, and it was written in a way that was very real.  They were both flawed, he a recovering alcoholic, and she had buried herself in this life that she had thought was everything she wanted, until she saw him again.  They were surrounded by his family, who each had their own set of problems to overcome.  I loved them all and will go on to read all of her books. Good Stuff!
Until the next read!


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