This Chick Read: Moonshadow by Thea Harrison

This is the first novel in a new series set in Thea Harrison’s Elder Races world. Sophie Ross is on leave from consulting for the LAPD when she inherits an estate in England. The inheritance has one caveat, that she must be able to get inside the estate, and provide proof that she did to the solicitors in England. This inheritance came at a great time because Sophie is on leave after being shot during a police investigation. She figures a few months off will help her recoup, and if she gets inside the house, it could be the start of a new adventure. Nikolas Sevigny is a knight of the Sidhe Dark Court. He and his fellow knights are trapped in our world and have been trying to find a passage back. That passage may or may not be through the estate Sophie has inherited.

My favorite thing about this book was Sophie. She was sassy, independent and gave as good as she got. When she meets Nikolas, they do not get along at all.  Yet, they are instantly attracted to each other. So for the first half of this book there is the yin yang of want and need combined with a frustrated dislike of each other. His growls and her sassy digs were fun to read and when dangers keeps pursuing her, his protective instincts kick in.

If you are a fan of the Elder Races series, I think you’ll really enjoy a different look at this world. Thea Harrison writes a great paranormal mystery and the romance is always sizzling.


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