This Chicks Sunday Commentary: Blogger Stats Book Tag #Sundayblogshare

Yesterday I was catching up on my reading and saw this tag on Always Trust In Books blog. Her answers were really interesting.  I thought it would be fun to share my own answers to those questions.

The last three books you read?

Kind of an odd group of books, right? I like to mix things up a bit. The Garden of Small Beginnings is a debut novel by Abbi Waxman and had that perfect blend of humor, warmth, and growth. Loved it! I have just discovered Aimee Easterling this year and Half Wolf is my second novel by her. It was good, but I was a little disappointed by the characters. Sin With Me, is the third novel in J. T. Geissinger’s Bad Habit series. A rocker romance – I just love those broody self hating rockers! It was not a disappointment.

Spoilers or spoiler free?

I guess it depends upon if the review can be told succinctly without giving away the plot. I prefer no spoilers and I think if I am giving anything pertinent away, I always give fair warning!

How long have you been book blogging?

I have only been book blogging for about a year and a half. I am still learning how to attract followers, so if you all have any suggestions, pls feel free to chime in!  I have been mixing things up on my blog this year, trying to keep it interesting and fun.

  A book you read in one sitting?

Boy, it’s been awhile since I’ve done that! I think it was One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews. Their books are amazing and I always get wrapped up in the story.

Your favourite genre?

Fantasy, definitely! I like it even more if there is a hint of romance. I have read a TON of YA this year because I was writing a YA novel and it was great research. I got hooked into several series, and leaned towards YA fantasy within that genre. So, yeah, fantasy!  Lol.

Preferred book size? (novella, tome…etc)

Just a normal sized novel? 275-375 pages? I did read a 900 pager this year and it was fabulous, but it would take a fabulous book to keep me reading for 900 pages. (That was Robert Thier’s Storm and Silence if you’re interested, it was great!) I have read some novellas, but I feel that most of them are too quick and the characters aren’t fully developed and so I’m usually disappointed.

Amount of books on your TBR?

Oh, God, really? This is kind of embarrassing to admit.  I have 371 on my to read on Goodreads. I also have a stack of about 75 that aren’t on Goodreads that I’d also like to read. It seems to grow continuously!

 A book you have DNF’d?

Shadow’s Messenger: An Aileen Travers novel by T. A. White. I loved a couple of her other books, but this YA I just couldn’t get into, believe me, I tried! If anyone read this book, please tell me it finally got interesting!

Recent awards or milestones?

I finished my ya fantasy novel at the end of last year. I’m exploring how to go about getting it published, and have several ideas for other books I’d like to write.

Best interaction with an author you enjoy?

There are quite a few actually! I met Laura Carter last year at the RT Convention in Las Vegas and we had the funniest conversation about how to write a sexy scene! We were sharing a bench trying to find 10 minutes to gobble down some sandwiches and just hit it off. I’ve read and reviewed her books, she writes contemporary romances. It’s been fun to see her writing style grow by leaps and bounds! Her most recent book, Scarred by You was her best yet! She has also been kind enough to give me some brief advice on some books to read about how to get my novel published.

Average number of books you read per month?

On average I read three to four books a week, so I’d say 15-20? I feel like that’s a lot, but like a lot of you, I have slow weeks, where I get stuck in a book that seems to take days to finish. In fact, I’m having one right now!  Lol. Only two books read this week.

Top three publishers?

Kensington, Berkeley and Avon.  I also like Bookoutre and St. Martin’s Press. Once you get on NetGalley, you learn pretty quickly who are your go to publishers.

Social media sites your blog uses?

Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin, Tumblr, Instagram, GoodreadsGoogle+,  Pinterest…. Follow me by clicking on any of those links!

Average amount of time you spend networking?

My New Year’s resolution is to be better at networking than last year. I try to spend at least an hour a day. When I first started I didn’t understand the whole blogging thing. I’m finally catching on!  Lol.

Most comfortable blogging position?

See that chair? Picture me in it, laptop or IPAD on my lap, feet on the coffee table. Not as often as I would like!

Music or quiet when writing reviews?

TV on because my husband is always camped on the couch in the room with me. Sports, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars. Anything without a plot, I can write to, once we turn on a sitcom or drama, my eyes are glued to the tv and I’m not writing.

Can you sum up your blogging style in 5 words?

Honest, Relatable, Insightful, Funny (at times), Grammatically Correct! Shoot, that’s six!

A blog you looked up to starting out?

There are definitely a few! Cleopatra Loves Books, Cafe Book Bean, Orang-utan Librarian, The Fiction Vixen.  I still follow these, but they were among my first. Check them out they’re awesome!

The best book you have reviewed so far?

This is a tough one to answer because I have read so many good books.  I would have to say Amanda Bouchet’s Promise of Fire. Romantic fantasy at its absolute best. The second novel in this series was pretty dang good too.

Best piece of blogging advice?

Blog because you love it. Don’t lose sight of the reason you started. In my case I love to read and  I love bookish discussions.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me! I would love to hear your thoughts and how YOU would answer these questions!

Until next Sunday!


This Chicks Sunday Commentary: Exploring my local Library #Sundayblogshare

Last weekend I went to the Nashville Public Library in downtown Nashville to listen to the author Greg Iles speak, and to get his most recent book Mississippi Blood signed for my husband, who is a big fan. This was our first visit, and I have to say that I was really surprised at how gorgeous the library was! This is my second time living in Nashville, combined for a total of seven years so far and I’m somewhat ashamed that I’ve never been. I do have a library card though, so I’m not a complete heathen! (I just get ebooks online…)

We walked into this gorgeous lobby. If you look at the picture below, you’ll see a mezzanine on the second level. There was a fabulous photography exhibit about the hidden treasures in Nashville. Normal houses, churches, etc. where great history has been lived. A small red brick church which was the home of the Civil Rights Movement. A trailer park that Dolly Parton lived in with her uncle when she came to town to sing at the age of thirteen. Some serious and also charming stories went along with these photos, and I recognized a few places in my own neighborhood. It was fascinating!

As you walked up the stairway you see at the bottom of the first photo, these beautiful murals were painted on the wall showing Nashville’s history, from the Civil War until now. We peaked at the mural from our era and tried to find our own neighborhood.

Peaking out through one of the windows was a beautiful little courtyard, still bare from the cold weather, but I’m sure will be gorgeous when the tree’s leaf out and the flowers bloom.

This would be a wonderful spot to sit and read a book in the sun, wouldn’t it?  On the second floor opposite the gallery is the Civil Rights Room and a Study Hall, both absolutely beautiful with dark would and a warm atmosphere. You can see the state capital peeking through the window of the Civil Rights Room, which seems totally appropriate!

We spent a wonderful two hours exploring, including listening to Greg Iles speak in a beautiful auditorium. When we left, my husband and I looked at each other and agreed that we had found a hidden gem. 

Sometimes the best explorations are in your own backyard, aren’t they? Do you have a hidden gem in your own hometown? How did you find it? I’d love to hear about your adventure!


This Chicks Sunday Commentary: Do Publishers Factor into your Book Choice? #Sundayblogshare

A couple weeks ago my fellow blogger Donna at Chocolate n’ Waffles asked and answered some interesting questions about how, or really IF, a certain Publisher factors into your book choice. I was intrigued by these questions and Donna was nice enough to let me use these in my own Sunday Blog Share. So, thanks Donna!

While thinking about these questions I realized that before I started my book review blog I used to be blind to who published a book. As long as my favorite authors had their books bound, or in ebook form, I didn’t think one way or the other about the whole process. However, once I started blogging and requesting books on NetGalley I noticed how I looked at certain publishers first before scanning the list in general. Continue reading “This Chicks Sunday Commentary: Do Publishers Factor into your Book Choice? #Sundayblogshare”

This Chicks Sunday Commentary: Do book signings influence reviews? #Sundayblogshare

I look back to when I posted my first review and think about how much more books are a part of my life now.  Up until last year I had never been to a single book signing! Last year my sister and I decided on a whim to go to the RT Convention in Las Vegas. We had a blast!  I met some authors that I liked, some I’d heard of and some I’d never heard of but got a free book and decided what the hell, this looks pretty good so I’ll try it! I came away with over 100 books and did not make much of a dent in that pile this year. Continue reading “This Chicks Sunday Commentary: Do book signings influence reviews? #Sundayblogshare”

This Chicks Sunday Commentary: It’s Not Just a Change in the Weather… #sundayblogshare

It’s 67 degrees in Nashville, TN. The crocus and daffodils are blooming, people are outside excercising and walking their dogs. My husband and I spent a couple of hours in the convertible driving around the city, seeing the sites and watching the people mill around downtown having lunch outside and listening to live music. A gorgeous day! My doodlebuddy Nash, loves his rides in the convertible too!

My Goldendoodle Nash and my hubby!

Continue reading “This Chicks Sunday Commentary: It’s Not Just a Change in the Weather… #sundayblogshare”

This Chicks Sunday Commentary: The Big Ripoff #Sundayblogshare #editorial

As most of you know, I finished my first novel, Midnight Metamorphosis. It was hard work, but totally rewarding when I think to myself that I actually completed writing a novel. Wow! It would be wonderful to get it published traditionally, but I know that takes a lot of time and effort. I have sent out some query letters, synopsis, chapters, etc., and have gotten a bunch of rejection notices. Frustrating, but also not unexpected. I had a friend tell me that she got 300 rejections before she got a yes. Well, that could take years just to get that many sent out!  Lol.  I do have a full time job, husband, and other responsibilities. I have my blog too!  Which I totally enjoy and will not give up. Other than posting a Chapter a week on my blog, and also on Wattpad, I have been busy with life doing other things, and trying to kick start myself into sitting down and getting started on the second book in my series. This week, I got an unexpected call at work that gave me a jolt.

A publishing house named Dorrance Publishing called and said their researchers found my title while searching the newly copyrighted books on some website. Not sure how that happens, but I guess nothing is private anymore. ( My husband tells me they found it on The Libary of Congress website.) Anyways, after an exciting phone call, I have lunch with my husband and we decide to look into this publishing house. Apparently, it’s a big scam. They actually try to get up to $11k out of people by doing what a normal publisher would do for free ( or at least a % of book sales)!  Of course, I felt really let down, but in my experience when things happen that easily, it’s too good to be true!


The good thing about this scam happening to me is that it lit a fire under my ass. I may not get published the traditional route, but I may self publish on either Kindle, Smashwords, or even both if that’s possible! 
My question to all of you is this – Have any of you self published? Who did you go with? Is it working? What are the challenges? What are the great things about it? Anything you all could tell me would be a great help!

Have a great week!


P.S. Also, if you have a moment, read the chapters I’m posting weekly. I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

This Chick’s Sunday Commentary : Super Bowl Sunday!!  Or read a book…  #sundayblogshare #bookbloggers #superbowlsunday

For those of you that live in the US and love football, today is the long awaited light at the end of the tunnel and/or nirvana for football junkies. I’ll admit, I like football!   More so when my team is winning…. which they did not.  They didn’t even make the playoffs, but Football is America’s pastime, and in today’s politically charged world, we need a little getaway. Some people watch for the game, some for the commercials, and others just like a social occasion. I like all three! Continue reading “This Chick’s Sunday Commentary : Super Bowl Sunday!!  Or read a book…  #sundayblogshare #bookbloggers #superbowlsunday”