This Chicks Sunday Commentary: Do Publishers Factor into your Book Choice? #Sundayblogshare

A couple weeks ago my fellow blogger Donna at Chocolate n’ Waffles asked and answered some interesting questions about how, or really IF, a certain Publisher factors into your book choice. I was intrigued by these questions and Donna was nice enough to let me use these in my own Sunday Blog Share. So, thanks Donna!

While thinking about these questions I realized that before I started my book review blog I used to be blind to who published a book. As long as my favorite authors had their books bound, or in ebook form, I didn’t think one way or the other about the whole process. However, once I started blogging and requesting books on NetGalley I noticed how I looked at certain publishers first before scanning the list in general.

Last year I also went to the RT Convention and sat in on a couple of Publishers seminars, listening to them speak about the trends in writing, what kind of books they are looking forward to reading, and their upcoming releases. This made publishing houses become a little more personal, and I started to pay a bit more attention.

In December, I also finished writing a young adult novel. As I started researching the process in how to go about getting published I began to look at what publishers specialized in the young adult genre and fantasy genres. So, ok, now that I’m writing this I’ve realized that I might be paying more attention than I first thought!

So, now, let’s look at Donna’s questions…

1. Do you check who the publisher is for every book that catches your attention?

Honestly? No. I really don’t. However, I will say that when a publisher makes an extra effort to gain my attention, I do take note. For example, I am a fan of Nora Roberts who also writes under the name J. D. Robb. I didn’t have to be hit over the head to see that something different was happening with her new release. St. Martins Press had signed Nora Roberts to a six book deal and they were making a huge marketing effort for her most recent release Echoes In Death. They did a big cover reveal, had giveaways, hell, I even won a t-shirt! This was atypical for a J. D. Robb or Nora Roberts book, so I noticed their efforts. But do I typically check for the publisher? Unfortunately, no.

2. Does it influence your choice about buying the story?

I do have a couple of publishers that I trust to put out books that hit my sweet spot. So, I’ll say sometimes. If I am browsing, yes. If I am looking for a specific author? No. I’ll buy their book because I like their writing, not their publisher.

3. Do you have go-to publishers who you know won’t disappoint, no matter the story? (this one is difficult as they usually publish so many different things!)

Yes! Whew!  Feels good to say yes finally! My two go to publishers are Berkley and Kensington. As long as the genre is one that I’m interested in reading, they almost never let me down. I don’t say that lightly because I read a ton!

4. To which publisher do you owe your latest 5* story?

Oh, now, this isn’t fair! My choices have been really eclectic lately!  Here goes:

  1. The Hunt by Megan Shepherd – publisher Balzar and Bray
  2.  Baron : The Knickerbocker Club by Joanna Shupe -publisher Zebra
  3.  Revealed to Him by Jen Frederick -publisher Montlake (I have liked several books from this publisher lately!)
  4. Star Cruise:Outbreak by Veronica Scott -publisher Jean D. Walker
  5. Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop -publisher ROC

5. Have you had any bad experience with a publisher?

I can’t think of any bad experiences. Other than having my book rejected!  Lol. Seriously, though, everyone has been friendly and respectful!

6. Are you, at all, interested to work with publishing companies doing their best for the books to find their audience or do you stick to the reading for the story? (as in, do you like to take part in blog tours, cover reveals, anything that includes you into the big scheme of things!)

I do take part in blog tours and have done a couple of cover reveals. I’ll be honest though, if the book doesn’t have the feel I want for my blog then I’d prefer not to take part. Sometimes when the covers are a little too steamy I take a pass. However, if the author is someone I respect and have built a relationship with personally, I’ll let that rule slide a little. For the most part I read a book for the story and love to write reviews.

I did sign up for a blog Tour one time and was offered a chance to do a Q&A. Iwas sent a pre-packaged bit with very soft questions and answers. What does your writing space look like, kind of questions. I was a little offended. I actually am interested in writing and researching my own questions. I like to put the work in and have a consistent voice on my blog. I took a pass on that bit, and just used their artwork to help promote the release of the book. Has that ever happened to you? I thought it was weird.

I hope you found my answers as interesting as I found Donna’s. Did it inspire you to think about your own relationships to publishers? Do you have any? I’d love to hear your own answers to the questions above! Tag me and Donna if you decide to post your own.

Take care and have a restful and Happy Sunday!


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  1. Loved your answers! Glad to know I’m not the only one who has go-to publishers, I still have to be disappointed by Orenda Books, they never let me down! and Bookouture has been wonderful with me and I jump on every book they publish in my favorite genres!
    It was fantastic to read about your experience with publishers! xx

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