#readinto16 This Chick is Reading: Cast in Honor by Michelle Sagara

 I was reading my morning blog by Cleopatra Loves Books and she referenced a challenge by another blogger BookerTalk to post a brief note about the book you were reading as 2016 started.  I will confess.  I fell asleep early, but had just started reading Michelle Sagara’s Cast in Honor, which is book #11 in the Chronicles of Elantra series.  I am also supposed to include a photo of myself reading the book, but since I’m reading it on my IPad, here is the artwork from the cover.

I challenge you all to also post a brief mention on your blog about what book you are reading as the New Year starts.  Tweet about it.  Let’s start a revolution! #readinto16. I’ll let you know my thoughts on this book in a few days.

Cheers, and Happy New Year! 

Copyright 2016 Deborah Kehoe all rights reserved.

The Hot Chicks Who Read dish on Sara Gruen’s At the Waters Edge

I am in a book club called the Hot Chicks Who Read.  I laugh as I write that because, if you asked any one of us if we were hot chicks, we’d say, No! It’s just a fun title, and it is.  Privately, however, I think each of us would agree, yeah, we’re hot, but we’ll laugh as we say it.  The group of 30-60 year olds meet every six weeks or so, and dish on a book we’ve picked for that months meeting.  Our choice of books have had hits and misses, but the one thing all of the choices have had in common is that the group of us have probably enjoyed talking about the books more than we have had actually reading them. Continue reading “The Hot Chicks Who Read dish on Sara Gruen’s At the Waters Edge”

This Chick Read: Eileen Wilks- Mind Magic

Mind Magic is book #12 in the World of the Lupi series, and if you haven’t read the others, you really need to read them in order because Eileen Wilks closely intertwines her characters, with storylines continuing from one book into another. Continue reading “This Chick Read: Eileen Wilks- Mind Magic”