This Chick Read: Faithless in Death (In Death #52) by J. D. Robb

How is it that after 52 novels this incomparable author can still give us a fresh mystery? It truly boggles my mind. Faithless in Death brings back all of our favorite characters as they investigate what looks to be a pretty straightforward murder in the West Village. Artist, Ariel Byrd is bludgeoned to death in her studio, leaving behind a couple of wine glasses and a mussed up bedroom. Wealthy, elegant, Gwen Huffman calls in the murder over an hour after she discovers the body, and more details don’t add up. As they dig a little further, Eve discovers a motive that ties this murder to something much larger than a romance gone wrong.

I’m still about 5 novels behind the finish and can’t ever seem to catch up because this author writes quicker than I read. As it’s a futuristic mystery series I need to be in the mood and whereas I probably read 2 of them a year, the author also writes that many. The good news is that she doesn’t ever seem to stop so I can return to some characters that I’ve built a relationship with over many years and know I’m going to enjoy what I read. This story started off quickly and didn’t ever seem to stop and as Eve becomes smarter it seems that the people she’s trying to stop also become bigger. There are many surprises hidden in Faithless in Death and unfortunately I’m not going to spoil them for you here. Which makes my job a little tougher.

These stories are not all about solving murders, we also learn a little bit more about the characters as each story unfolds. In this novel. we find out that Mavis and Leonardo are buying a home and there is a small gathering to view the property. Eve’s interaction with her god-daughter are again precious. Mostly because Eve is confused by the little girl, but also because she didn’t have a childhood like what Mavis is giving her, so their interactions are bittersweet and lovely. These brief moments help create a connection between the reader and the characters that keep carrying us forward and wanting to learn more of their personal stories, which the author feeds us in these brief moments. Brilliant.

It would be hard to hit it out of the ballpark in every single novel in a 52 (now 57) book series but Faithless in Death was one of the great ones. You are “in the room” during all of the critical unveilings and are riding along with the crew as they investigate and reveal. There aren’t any secrets but you still get to take part in unraveling an incredible mystery. This was a good one folks! I’m glad I read it.


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