It’s Monday, what are you reading? (10/17/22)

It’s the best feeling when you read a few good books in a row, isn’t it? I’ve been reading a little bit for pleasure and a little bit of advanced copies and it’s been a great mix of genre’s and story’s. I’ve felt my want to read increase because I haven’t had a dud in a while. Here’s what’s on my tbr.


I only recently discovered Jackie Lau when reading Donut Fall in Love, which I really liked. The Stand-Up Groomsman is the second book in the series and again, I really enjoyed this book. The characters felt real to me, with real personal problems. I identified with some of what they both felt, and also spent a good bit of time laughing at their antics. Mel is such a great character and I enjoyed he and Vivian’s story.


I have a love for historical romances and Sarah MacLean is one of my favorite author’s in this genre. Her heroine’s don’t need to be rescued and in fact are the ones usually rescuing someone. I just started this book but it’s off to a great start and I’m really liking Adelaide. We’ll see where she leads me!

If you feel like sharing the books you’re currently reading, please do! I’d love to add some new novels to my TBR.

Have a great Monday and happy reading!