This Chick’s Audio Review: Twilight’s Herald (Aileen Travers #5) by T.A. White

Aileen has come a long way from the vampire she was a few years ago. No longer avoiding the supernatural community Aileen is now the go-to investigator and has created a name for herself despite her being a relatively new vamp. When she takes a job to find a lost bracelet for the harpy’s she comes to the attention of a group of supernatural assassins who seem to be either trying to kill her or kidnap her. Dodging shadows is keeping her on her toes and is making it hard for her to do her job.

I just listened to this entire series over the past week. Narrated by Natasha Soudek, I had trouble getting into the pace of the narration through the first book. I will say that once Aileen started acting more like a vamp in book 2 the pace of the story took off and I forgot how much I was struggling with the narration. I’m not sure it was Natasha Soudek’s fault because I’ve listened to book by this author that she’s narrated and not had a problem and my feeling of ho-hum disappeared by the end of book 2. Twilight’s Herald as the fifth book in the series was one big action-adventure jaunt and really fun verbal snark by our main character, Aileen.

Aileen is now over her predilection of avoiding the vamps and is dating Liam, the enforcer to the Master of the City. While he is very dominant and alpha, Aileen has the tendency to do whatever she wants and sass her way into situations that are way above her pay grade and vampire strength. Each novel has revealed more about Aileen and by Twilight’s Herald we know that despite her youth in the vampire community she has an ability to “see” magic and either count attack it or unwind a spell. This has come in handy as these assassins seem persistent in getting their hands on her.

Another thing that has evolved over this series is her relationship with Liam, now her boyfriend. She has stopped fighting him at every turn and has slightly embraced her friendships with his crew and tolerates her maker, Thomas, the Master of the City. I really enjoyed her new friendship with Connor, Thomas’s son and Liam’s true nephew. He is a slightly odd character and attaches himself to Aileen’s side as her “brother” and has an innocence that is sweet and dangerous. There are plenty of chuckles in this novel and a dodgeball scene that was awesome. Yes, vampires play dodgeball!

Aileen Travers #6 comes out later this year or is it early next year? I can’t remember exactly when but I do know that I will be reading it when it comes out. This was a slow build up but I’m totally invested in these characters now and I want more Aileen! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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