It’s Monday, what are you reading? (8/8/22)

It’s that time of the week where I share the books that I’ve been reading and hope for you all to chime in with your own fabulous titles. I’m currently in the midst of a fantasy mystery series that’s listed on Kindle Unlimited and I’ll admit that I’m enjoying the characters and this world the author created. Have you ever read the same genre 2-3 books in a row and feel that buzz or need for a change in genre? I’m feeling that right now, so my next book will definitely switch things up. I don’t want to bore everyone so I’m going to give you the title I read prior to me starting this series, but between you and me, I’ve read all the books before the one I list below. 🙂


I’m a fan of Lucy Score’s small town romance novels and this one was really cute. It has a great premise and the characters are funny, cute, and charming. What more do you want out of a lighthearted read?


The cover makes the main character look like she’s a character in Robin Hood but she’s actually an investigator for what passes for their police force. It’s a fun and fast- moving series.

What books have gotten their hooks in your mind recently?

Happy Monday and happy reading!