This Chick Read: Of Claws and Fangs by Faith Hunter

I always request Faith Hunter’s ARC’s. Her Urban Fantasy novels are some of my favorite’s and Jane Yellowrock is a character that every girl/woman can enjoy reading and find a little bit of themselves in. Of Claws and Fangs is a compilation of some short stories set in the Jane Yellowrock and Soulwood series world. Unlike the novels, Jane takes a back seat to some of the other characters letting us get to know them and even add to their back stories.

There were quite a few stories in this book, but my favorites were two stories. Of Cats and Cars finally gives us the story of Beast’s need to hunt from Edward’s Maserati. ‘Beast is the best hunter’ is a sentence that shows up in a lot of Jane’s novels and Beast is always trying to get Jane to talk Edward into allowing her to hunt cows with tree’s on their heads from his speedy car. Edward is, of course, not about to let the big cat near his leather seats and instead bargains with Beast to hunt on a trip in Texas out of the back of a Hummer. This was a fun story and allowed the reader to see a different less stilted side to Edward. I really enjoyed this look into his head.

The second story I really enjoyed was the novella Bound into Darkness. We have seen many different sides to Eli, but always through Jane’s eyes. This man, her chosen brother, has been in a couple of relationships in the series but the most recent attraction is between he and Liz Everheart. Liz has been hired to find a lost dog and asks Eli if he’d hike into the North Carolina wilderness with her. She’s tired of him retreating and thinks this day and night will either bring them together or drive them apart. Little does she know that she’s been sent on a trip from which she may not return alive. Luckily she’s got Eli at her back. This was an action-packed, fun, adventure and read like a full length novel. I truly enjoyed this one!

There were quite a few great short stories in this compilation and I only mention the two above as being my favorites. If you’re a Leo fan, you’ll read a couple of stories that may help you understand him better, or if you love the Everhearts and Angie baby, you have one or two stories that will give you a fix until the next novel comes out. There’s something in this book for everyone!


I received a copy of this novel through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest!

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