This Chick Read: Kaleidoscope (Colorado Mountain Series #6) by Kristen Ashley

Jacob Decker used to be in love with Emme’s best friend. For years the three of them were in each others lives, until one day Emme’s friend broke up with Deck, and Emme broke up with her best friend. Emme has a heart of gold and Deck (Jacob to Emme) was that guy for her, but she would never cross that line, so she left him behind too. She moved to a different town, changed her look, and created a life for herself. One day, in that town she runs into Jacob.

I read Kaleidoscope and this Colorado Mountain series quite a few years ago, and purchased the ebook when Amazon put it on sale a couple of weeks ago. I was in a reading slump, not liking anything I was picking up, and had memories of this novel, of liking this novel, and thought it might do the trick in getting me out of that slump. It did.

Emme and Jacob’s story, while not as great as I remember, was really good. Written earlier in Kristen Ashley’s career before she turned towards a more erotica feel to her books, Kaleidoscope had a plot, a sweet love story, and a heated romance. Deck, or Jacob, as Emme calls him, has had a part in many of the previous novels so we’re familiar with him as a PI and Alpha tough guy. Emme, while a new character, brought out a side of Deck that we hadn’t previously seen. The softer, sweeter side. As soon as he sees Emme again, he knows this is it. She took a little longer to come around, although not that much longer! I enjoyed watching them reconnect and then fall in love.

Kaleidoscope is one of the simpler tales by this author. Although there’s a brush with danger, for the most part, it’s a love story. We get to know these characters, and see how their past lives have shaped them into who they were today. I liked their transitionary tale of friends to lovers, and more importantly, I just liked the two of them in general.

If you’re looking for a solid romance novel, give Kaleidoscope a try. Even though it’s the sixth book in the series, it features the two of them almost exclusively and even with a peak at some of the other characters in the series I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble with any previous story arc’s. These are a great group of characters, so if you like this one, go back to the start and read Gamble, the first in the series! It’s really a fun story. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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