This Chick Read: Musical Chairs by Amy Poeppel

Bridget and Will are best friends and members of the musical group Forsyth Trio. Everyone always thinks they’re married because they are genuinely affectionate and can finish each others sentences. They’ve never been anything more than friends which is just what they want. This summer Will is staying in the city and Bridget is going out to her house in Connecticut. She has big plans to spend it with her boyfriend Sterling, hoping for some quiet and the possibility of an engagement. Sterling has other plans, breaking up with her via email. What was going to be a quiet summer turns into a houseful when her two kids show up unexpectedly and Will comes for a visit and falls in love with the local landscape artist. This charming novel by Amy Poeppel navigates the lives of her characters with love, humor, and a little bit of drama.

Musical Chairs was such a wonderful surprise! I love Bridget’s tongue in cheek humor and fortitude to keep going despite things not going as she’d thought they would. She’s surrounded by this menagerie of friends and family who don’t have perfect lives but despite their ups and downs they support each other.

There were quite a few different plots running simultaneously but the main one revolved around the original members of the Forsyth’s Trio and what happened just as they dissolved their partnership in the band. Gavin went on to become a well renowned violinist while Bridget and Will kept up the Trio with a revolving door of violinists, their friendship being the binding factor in why they stayed together. As the book goes on we find that there may have been more involved with Gavin’s leaving than was spoken of at the time. This adds conflict to Will and Bridgets relationship, something thats new and uncomfortable for them to face.

Bridget seemed like she was an awesome mom, a great friend, and an understanding and patient daughter. I wish I was a little bit more like her! She saw the world so clearly and with the exception of the hiccup with Sterling, she lived life exactly as she wanted. Her relationship with Will felt so true. A book about the relationship between a man and a woman who were not sexually interested in each other was so refreshing! When I pick up a book I just want to get lost in it, and not regret the time spent on reading it. Musical Chairs was a book that I can easily say I read with zero regrets. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher for my honest review and it was honest!

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