This Chicks Sunday Commentary: How will I fill my time without Facebook?

My husband and I have agreed that we’re going to try to take a month off of Facebook. It’s so easy to get caught up in surfing that feed and getting frustrated or angry at people who have a difference of opinion than my own on the importance of wearing a mask, or the incompetence of our President. My husband is even worse than I am and peppers his “friends” with shared posts delivering scientific facts that he hopes will change their minds. He’s currently unemployed and I could see him spiraling into an unhealthy aggravation that we can easily avoid. So, we have agreed to call it quits with Facebook for one month. One week in and how are we doing?

Well…. I do check in on my blog Facebook page to make sure my posts are delivering but I have not gone through my feed. So I think that’s a success! I think he’s done even better and truthfully I can see a difference in both of our attitudes. We’re a little calmer, and much happier not re-hashing what so and so said and getting ourselves amped up over the stupidity of people we haven’t seen in thirty years.

Why do we still traverse the Facebook universe? I’ll admit, I do get some comments on my The Reading Chick page and I have a friend who has a group for her home business Color Street nails and she plays games and posts photo’s of manicures which sound stupid but are really fun to look at. Other than those two things I can’t say I want to go back. Then, if you throw in Zuckerberg’s views about not policing fake content, do you really want to support that? I’m mulling that one over still.

What are the things I’m turning to instead of Facebook?

1)My husband and I spend $12 a month on the NY Times digital subscription where with that subscription we also get the NY Times Crossword puzzle app. We do a LOT of crosswords. LOL.

2) I also scroll through my Twitter feed, but gosh the book nation on Twitter is just as political as the Facebook nation. Everyone is so opinionated about EVERYTHING. So, I may cut back a little on the Twitter account as well.

3) Pinterest! I love looking at pictures, reading nails, and looking at clothes I’ll never wear because I’m in t-shirts and shorts 24/7 working from home.

4) Tending our family garden. This is probably one of my favorite activities at least once or twice a day. If I need a break from work? Check and see if the tomatoes are turning red. If our cucumber crop is about to need picking- look up cucumber recipes on Pinterest! Did you know you can make cucumber bread? Yeah, kind of like zucchini bread. Funny! Who knew!

5) Bake/Cook- I made some awesome Cardamon, Orange, Dark Chocolate Chunk shortbread cookies that were to die for. I’m really interested in odd flavor combo’s lately and this one was great. Look it up on Pinterest and give it a try. Also, last night was Greek night in our household. We had all the cucumbers to make Tzaziki dip, Cucumber dip, we made hummus, cantaloupe, grilled some beef and home grown zucchini and voila! Greek night. It was pretty damn good. 🙂

6) Read more books on my TBR and watch some Netflix and chill. Pretty self explanatory, right?

You get my point though. We don’t need to do things that make us crazy. For me and my husband that was trolling Facebook. If you find yourself getting aggravated, I think you should give it a try. If you need help finding something to do I’ve got this great recipe for Green Tomato Salsa Verde I can share if you’ve got some time to burn.

Taking care of yourself means taking care of your mental health too!

Stay safe, stay calm, and reach out if you need to talk.


12 thoughts on “This Chicks Sunday Commentary: How will I fill my time without Facebook?

  1. I have been pretty much off Facebook for a long time now! It got way too political for me and in these times there is enough stuff to be frustrated about! Honestly it’s made my life a lot nicer! Instagram is so much better and Twitter can even get overwhelming. I dont think you will regret taking some time away. I rarely go on anymore and I don’t wind up angry at super ignorant friends of mine. I do admit that during the protests I went on and it really changed my minds about some of my friends who were rioting and looting on video! I love my city and seeing it destroyed really hurt.. but there were also friends that were doing peaceful protests and involved in incredible activism which made me happy. Overall I really find myself mentally healthier when I stay off

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    1. Even after a week I can see it’s made a difference for us. I certainly didn’t expect everyone to have the same beliefs I do but it was frustrating to see how ignorant and foolish people were being. I decided that before making a statement that would anger anyone else it was time to self check. Facebook is not important in the long scheme of things. There are more positive ways to fill my time. And so many more books to be read! Lol. Thanks for letting me know how it’s worked for you! Take care!


  2. I deleted the Facebook app from my phone in 2017 because I was scrolling so much. Getting rid of it was one of the best decisions I made that year. I still scroll a little, because my local used bookstore posts books for sale and I like to browse from a distance, but I’m trying to use Facebook even less overall.

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    1. I’m leaning in that direction. My blog posts there automatically so I feel like I’ll need to check in when those post, but I don’t think I need to be on it all the time that’s for sure! Thanks for letting me know how you’re doing with it! Take care!

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    1. I know! I’ll try to only check in for my own blog too. It is one of the best ways to market yourself but there is so much negativity! I’m trying to get rid of some of that stress. Thanks for commenting!

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