This Chick Read: Wayfarer’s Keep (The Broken Lands #3) by T.A. White

Shea is back in her homeland among the Pathfinders with Fallon her Trateri warlord by her side. Her fathers request for help coincides with Fallon’s need to keep conquering lands and he sees this as his chance to win over her people. When they arrive at the keep they find that there are factions who are unhappy with the previous regime, factions who have joined with an evil force that is threatening their people. Can Shea and Fallon cast out the evil among the Pathfinder’s? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out!

I happened upon this series years ago and for some reason hadn’t gotten around to read this third installment which came out in 2018. The author easily caught me up with what had happened previously so that I immediately fell down the reading rabbit hole remembering how much I love Shea and Fallon’s story.

Shea is a Pathfinder, a combination of explorer and hunter. She finds clues in the land that helps guide her people on an easier path, yet typically her own path isn’t that easy. I love her character because she’s an everywoman. She doesn’t have any superpowers, she’s just a woman with a strong moral code and some skills that make her invaluable to her warlord Fallon. In this novel we get to see the people who made Shea who she is, her parents. It’s a fascinating look into her background and helps us gain some understanding into some of her past conduct. I loved these insights and also really enjoyed seeing her parents through her younger self’s eyes and then again as an adult.

Even though this is another installment in Shea and Fallon’s love story, that takes a back seat to who is behind the creatures wreaking havoc across their land. As always, T.A. White writes some great action scenes and this book like the others, does not disappoint. If you are into epic fantasy tales you need to add this series to your TBR. The journey these characters take you on is so rewarding you will want to pick up the next novel just to keep that adrenaline addiction fed. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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