Video: Nashville Ballet’s Virtual Book Club- Peter Pan Chapter 4 narrated by Nashville Ballet dancer Noah Miller

It’s been years since I’ve read this story and I’ve forgotten how magical it can be. When I think of Peter Pan my mind goes to Disney’s version with a yellow haired Tinkerbell and Dustin Hoffman’s version of Captain Hook. When it’s read, your imagination takes flight with these characters and I develop my own vision of what these characters should look like.

Chapter 4 is read by Nashville Ballet’s Noah Miller. He is very charming and gives his narration a slight accent that fits the classic version of this tale very well. Please read along and listen to Chapter 4 by clicking the video below.

Chapter 5 will go live on Monday and I’ll try to get it uploaded soon after. I hope some of you are enjoying these video’s! If you are please click like and let me know.



If you should like to purchase this book please click this link. Peter Pan