This Chick Read: Starbreaker (Endeavor #2) by Amanda Bouchet

Captain Tess Bailey is one of the most wanted starship pirates in the galaxy. Rebel leader and would be Robin Hood Tess is looking out for those less in the path of their Galaxy’s dictator, her father. At her side is one time bounty hunter Shade Ganavan. Sent to capture Tess, she instead has captured his heart. Now partners in a crusade to rescue scientist Reena Ahern on Starbase 12, a prison fortress. Starbreaker continues Tess and Shade’s love story with plenty of action and a little heartbreak.

As the second novel in the Endeavor series, Tess and Shade’s story was easier to fall into, but even though I liked the novel I still felt like there were a couple of issues that left me feeling out of sorts at the conclusion.

First, Tess has a band of friends who are her crew, and look up to her for leadership and seem to have put Tess on a bit of a pedestal. For some reason, in this novel, she felt so young. Her reactions to her romance with Shade and her daddy issues I felt like I was reading a teenage sci-fi romance. I kind of expected Tess to be a little bit more, well, adult.

Second, when the narration switched to Shade’s perspective I was let down by how much the author told me how he felt. It seemed a little bit too narrated and I had a hard time falling into like with his character. I actually liked him a lot more in the first novel when he had his secret bounty hunter life yet to be revealed to Tess. Here, he was just a love struck guy. In fact, it felt a little lopsided. He seemed so mature and she seemed, well, young. It made it harder to buy into their love story.

My last point is about the prison break storyline. The book starts out with their meeting with Reena Ahern’s husband and their mission to save her. Then that plot seemed to go away for 3/4’s of the book. Then it picked back up at the end with their finally making that trip to Starbase 12 and the rescue mission. I didn’t know who this character was, and really didn’t care if they rescued her or not. I wondered why the author didn’t build in more of her back story so that saving her made sense? I’m going to assume we find out a lot more about her character in the next novel as that plot was left somewhat unresolved.

I always have such high expectations from Amanda Bouchet because of my love for her previous series and just like Nightchaser, this book just fell a little flat for me. ❤️❤️❤️ ❣️

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest.

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Amanda Bouchet is a USA Today bestselling author of Fantasy Romance and Sci-fi Romance. She was a Goodreads Choice Awards top 10 finalist for Best Debut in 2016 with her first novel, A Promise of Fire. For more about Amanda’s books with equal parts adventure and kissing, connect with her

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