Video: Nashville Ballet’s Read-a-long of Peter and Wendy (Peter Pan) by J. M. Barrie- Chapter 1

As we are practicing social distancing and consuming media at frantic paces to relieve stress, boredom, and honestly to just take us away from the reality we are all living it’s been wonderful to see how the arts are being enjoyed. Singers are releasing complimentary singles to help raise our spirits, publishing companies are releasing free ebooks for people to read, and actors are creating funny monologues, reading children’s books, and in the case of John Krasinski, even holding virtual proms.

I work for Nashville Ballet and we also are putting out free content with video’s of past performances, our dancers showing cooking and exercise tips on Instagram and Facebook, and our ballet classes are being held virtually. This week we launched a virtual book club to read J. M. Barrie’s Peter and Wendy, aka Peter Pan. If we are able to launch our season next year, our first performance will be our version of this classic tale. A perfect choice to remind us of the magic of imagination, and adventures we all shared with friends and family in our childhoods. Nashville Ballet has partnered with Nashville “celebrities” to help us narrate this story, donating their time and filming it on their phone’s, IPAD’s, and laptops. Last night we launched the first chapter narrated by Nashville Ballet’s Artistic Director, Paul Vasterling.

I would like to share each of these chapters with you all so that you may also enjoy this story again.

Nashville Ballet Artistic Direct, Paul Vasterling reads Chapter 1

Chapter 2 will go live on Friday night and will be read by National Best Selling author Ann Patchett!

I hope you all enjoy this special reading of Peter Pan!


Click this link to purchase the book! Peter Pan