It’s Monday, what are you reading? (12/30/19)

The Monday after a holiday is always hard, but not when you’ve got a great book to read! This post originated over on Book Date , so thanks for the idea and letting me join in the discussion!


First sentence read: “The night I became the youngest person- and the only female ever- to win the Austin Fire Department’s Valor Award, I got propositioned by my partner.”

Click this link to purchase!* Things You Save in a Fire: A Novel


First sentence read: “For the first three years, it’s fun being a pro football player’s girlfriend.”

Click this link to purchase!*Intercepted (Playbook, The)

As you can see, the holidays (and my vacation) have gotten me into a romance reading mood! Both of the above books are perfect vacation reads and I’m really enjoying all of this free time to get to some of the books on my TBR.

I hope your Monday is off to a great start and you are reading a fabulous new book! Don’t keep me in suspense, what are you reading?


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