It’s Monday! What are you Reading? (5/13/19)

Happy Monday everyone! I ran across this post on Book Date and liked the idea of sharing what I’m currently reading, so here goes!


FInale (Caraval #3) by Stephanie Garber

First sentence read: “Scarlet Dragna’s bedroom was a palace built of wonder and the magic of make-believe.”


The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

First Sentence Read: “In the calm before the storm- in this case, the blessed quiet before the bridal suite is overrun by the wedding party- my twin sister stares critically down at a freshly painted shell-pink fingernail and says, ‘I bet you’re relieved I’m not a bridezilla.'”

I literally just finished Finale and am still mulling over my thoughts. I can tell you that this first sentence in The Unhoneymooners excites me more than the ending of Finale. Hmm. Problematic? Yeah, maybe.

So, it’s Monday again, which means the start to a new week and another book. You know what I’m reading, but what book are you reading today? Let me know!


16 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you Reading? (5/13/19)

      1. Yes. I have an annoying habit of needing to finish a book that I started. My problem with this one is I’m not sure what the authors intent is.

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      2. If I really hate a book, I start another one, (I don’t t like two books at once) and then I’ll read about ten pages of bad book at a time till I finish it. Could take a year….I know…one of my weirdisms…

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    1. I did enjoy parts of it but was kind of underwhelmed. I am glad to have read it though if not just for the reason this is probably the only series I’ve finished recently. Lol.

      If you didn’t enjoy the second novel I’d say you don’t need to read this one. I actually liked the second one and had expectations…


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