Friday YA: Listen to Your Heart by Kasie West

Kate Bailey doesn’t really like people. OK, let me clarify. She doesn’t dislike them, she’s just kind of a loner. She’d rather be out on the lake then with a group of people, unless they are lake people. When her best friend Alana talks her into taking a podcast class at school, she agree’s half-heartedly. Their first assignment is to offer one suggestion each for the topic of their class podcast that year. Surprise! Kate’s topic, an advice podcast is the winner and Kate finds herself co-hosting, which is completely at odds with her loner personality. Suprisingly, she finds her caustic sense of humor plays well on air and their podcast becomes a hit and one day a young man calls in asking for advice on a crush….

Our young heroine has a lesson to learn, and in Kate’s it was that there is more out in the world to discover beyond lake life. Even though Kate is kind of loner, she isn’t really because her family is huge. Her parents, aunts and uncles all live on a block together so she’s surrounded by family, cousins et. al at almost all times. So for a loner, she surprisingly is pretty social. When she drives her cousin to her weekly tutoring sessions she gets to know Diego, the boy her best friend is crushing on. As she gets to know him, she develops her own crush. Due to the girl code and first dibs, she doesn’t do anything about it.

I didn’t think this was the best Kasie West novel I’d ever read, but it wasn’t the worst either. I did really enjoy the podcasts, and the supporting characters were energetic and fun. Which was good because Kate was not a ball of energy. She did have a good heart though and in the end, she did learn her life lesson, having fun with the podcast and expanding her horizons. Listen to you Heart was a quick read, so if you have a few hours on a rainy Saturday it will be the perfect book to spend your time.


LIsten to Your Heart

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3 thoughts on “Friday YA: Listen to Your Heart by Kasie West

  1. This was a lovely review, Deborah and I’m glad to hear you overall enjoyed this one. I haven’t read everything by Kasie West, actually I only read The Distance Between Us so far, but I’ve been meaning to read more from her for ages, now. She sounds like such a great contemporary writer. I’m curious though: which one was the best Kasie West’ book you’ve read so far, then? 😀

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    1. You know how sometimes you just want an easy book to read? Kasie West’s novels are super quick, easy, no thought reads. I’ve read three but I think my favorite was the first one I read P.S I Love You. I think because it surprised me that I could identify with characters who were so far removed from my day to day life. It was the nostalgia that drew me in. Great question! Thanks for asking!

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      1. oh yes, I know that feeling – and I LOVE these kind of books so much, too!
        Oh that’s great to know – I’ll have to remember to start with this one then, thank you!! 😀


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