This Chick Read: Ghosted by Rosie Walsh

While on her annual visit home to England Sarah meets Eddie and they immediately hit it off. A one day meeting at a pub turns into a magical seven days spent in his home falling in love. Or so Sarah thought. As she leaves at the end of those seven days, they exchange all information, including phone numbers and friending each other on Facebook, and Sarah never hears from him again.

Ghosted def

OK, let’s be honest here, we have all been Ghosted. Did I know there was actually a term for what has happened in the past? Nope! When it happens to you, it’s very easy for that worry to turn into an unhealthy anxiety. In Ghosted, the novel, Sarah knows this happens to people but she can’t help wonder if something had happened. After all, she knew their feelings were true and couldn’t be one-sided. 90% of this novel is from her POV, so we only feel what she’s feeling and even though she gets kind of crazy you just know there is more to Eddie’s story.

This novel was part love story, part mystery and every bit of it fascinating. As I learned more about Sarah’s life, I really wanted this happiness to be real. I wanted her to be allowed to have this one thing that was wonderful. Her restless energy imbued me as I was reading the novel making it hard for me to sit still and finish it. Two thirds of the way through the novel the author took a sharp turn that enabled us to FINALLY get Eddie’s POV. My feelings about him shifted dramatically when I got to see what was inside his head.

I really liked this story. I will admit that as a woman, it’s hard to read from Sarah’s POV because it brings back all of those moments of uncertainty from my single days, and that was before we had all of the technology we do today. Then it was just unreturned phone calls. Now there are so many other forms of torture available! I am so glad that I stuck with this novel to the end. The ending was fabulous, but more because by living through Sarah’s pain and uncertainty her resolution became the reader’s own. It was a great feeling! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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3 thoughts on “This Chick Read: Ghosted by Rosie Walsh

  1. I saw this somewhere and I was reluctant precisely because the theme of ghosting hits so close to home and who want to open that can of worms. But I like mysteries that involve vanishings or kidnappings (Jodi Picault’s Vanishing Act, A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern, etc.) so I’m a bit torn with this one. The cover is beautiful though.

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    1. My day job is outside sales so I get Ghosted by clients all the time and I had never heard the term. I will say in this case there’s a good reason and the mystery of it was very good. It still hurt to read from her POV though.


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