This Chicks Sunday Commentary: My new book cover! #MidnightMetamorphosis

A month ago I self published my YA Fantasy novel Midnight Metamorphosis. A week later a publisher friend offered to create a new cover and format the book for paperback. Doesn’t it look great?! I’m really excited about how it looks.


I had pulled it from all booksellers until we had this final format completed and I’m happy to say it is now up again for sale! You can find it exclusively in ebook format on It will be available in print at all booksellers hopefully by next weekend.

This has been such an amazing journey. It feels so good to finish this novel, the first of many, I hope!

I started this blog to jump start my creative drive and it certainly worked. I am really enjoying reading, reviewing and connecting with other bloggers. I’m also enjoying writing again. Something I had given up for almost 20 years. I’m now thinking about taking a few writing courses to fine tune my skills. It’s funny, but you really discover the things you are good at and the things you really need to work hard to be even decent at. Writing my blog has honed my skills of observation, commentary, and sassy humor (well, at least I think I’m pretty funny!). Those all translated into my novel, but I discovered that I struggled with emotions. You know, reviewing books doesn’t really take you on an emotional journey, the reading of those books sure, but the reviewing is pretty straightforward.

So, I’m going to start honing this new craft of mine. Midnight Metamorphosis was an idea I had that took root and grew, but I want to keep learning and growing. Isn’t that what life is all about? My journey is definitely not ending. It’s only beginning!

If you would like to read Midnight Metamorphosis, please check it out on Amazon on the link below.  If you do read it, please leave a review!

Midnight Metamorphosis: Click HERE for Amazon.


When her mother died, Avery Anderson finally had a chance to leave a runaway life behind to try to have a normal life. After she moves in with her aunt Brenna and starts her new high school in Dover, California, Avery discovers that she isn’t an average teenage girl. On her sixteenth birthday she’ll inherit a mixture of Elemental and Seer powers. There’s only one problem: at fifteen, she’s already pretty powerful.

Cole Sullivan was transplanted to Dover for a mission-and that mission is Avery. Cole is an Elemental who has trained to be a Guardian, having gained powers over three elements when he was twelve years of age. When Cole befriends Avery, he realizes that guarding her is going to be more difficult than he imagined. With her growing powers, she may be the daughter prophesied to bring about the end of his kind.

When twins Devon and Dani Finn are suddenly enrolled by their father in the same school as Avery with an order to contain her if she’s dangerous, Devon gets suspicious though his sister supports their dad. Devon realizes that he and Avery may have a lot in common through shared talismans that align their powers, and they build a friendship.

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    Congratulations Deb – I think the cover is fantastic! The best of luck to you in this new adventure. Let me know when you want to compare notes!


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