This Chick Read: Flame in the Dark (Soulwood #3) by Faith Hunter

The Soulwood series has satisfied my hunger for thought provoking Urban Fantasy. Nell Ingram, ex-Church Woman, has grown into her role as a PsyLED investigator. As in the past, probie Nell seems to have the skills to solve the mystery. Her affinity to read the land has evolved her sleuthing skills, but has also evolved her innate affinity with nature. So much so that she has to groom her budding leaves and twigs from her limbs and hair.

The mystery introduces us to another dangerous supernatural species. Every novel is like a Star Trek exploration to another planet, except for we haven’t left Earth! We get an inside look at the team that comprises PsyLED and also the relationships that have developed. Part of Nell’s charm is the fact that even though she was married at 15, she is new to dating, or courting as she calls it. There are two men who want Nell’s attention but only one that she wants back.  She finally has the confidence to explore that side of herself and in the next novel I’m hoping we will get to see her actually take that leap into womanhood.

We learn a little more of the inner workings of the Church as her sister Mud matures into a young woman and we see all that entails within the church. Nell is determined to save Mud from her fate. So not only do we see Nell start to build new relationships but we also see her change her old ones.

If you are looking to fill an Urban Fantasy hole this series will certainly do the trick. Faith Hunter continues in the world she built for her Jane Yellowrock series, but Soulwood’s Nell is a brighter beacon in part because her life is young in comparison to Jane’s. The tone of this series is also a little lighter, the dialog bringing moments of humor to pretty dark scenes making me look forward to those small flames in the dark. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review and it was honest.

Flame in the Dark Click link to purchase! Flame in the Dark (A Soulwood Novel) Copyright 2017 Deborah Kehoe The Reading Chick All Rights Reserved

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