This Chicks Sunday Commentary: What is your Passion?

I know this headline caught your eye! What in the world is Deborah talking about? I know, I know, we all have likes. I like taking walks on cool fall days watching my dog hunt for squirrels. I like sitting on the couch next to my husband, holding his hand while we watch a tv show. I like having dinner with my family and wondering at the random subject changes and how we got from point A to point B in the conversation. I could go on and on about my likes. My world is filled with Deborah likes…

What is your Passion is an interesting question isn’t it? For some people their passion is their faith, for others their passion may be their jobs or family. If we were to take away the obvious- no husbands, wives, family, god, food. As much as i love chocolate, no that isn’t a passion! Passion is what is in your gut. What makes you thrive for life?

It won’t come as a secret to any of you but my passion is discovering a special book. A book that takes you completely by surprise and makes you think! I spoke with the founder of a website for authors called Reedsy. There’s a section on this website with a list of book review bloggers and The Reading Chick is on this list. (whee!) When he and I were talking he asked me what percentage of books have I given five stars to.. I thought about it and really, haven’t a clue but figure it must be somewhere around 20-25%. I have very few books that I review below three stars because I want to honor the work an author puts into producing that book.  So that percentage may be higher. There should be a sixth star for books I feel passionate about and believe it or not, there haven’t been that many. But there have definitely been a few.

Let’s get back to that question though, What is your Passion? My passion is to find that one great book. The one that catches me by surprise and that I can’t wait to tell my friends and family about, the one where our conversation makes you curious, makes you hit that on click buy button.

What is your Passion? I would love to hear it! I know you love your kids, wives, husbands, and of course, god. What is your passion?  Shout it out!  Or, just put it in the comments below. I want to hear it.

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6 thoughts on “This Chicks Sunday Commentary: What is your Passion?

  1. As much as I love books, I’d have to say my passion is music. Loud, rock music with great vocals, screaming guitars, pounding drums and a great bass line. Music more than anything pulls me out of a bad mood. That’s why I’m such a sucker for rock videos, rock concerts, rock photos, musicians’ social media posts and rock musicians themselves. My phone is full of them! I’ve never outgrown that fangirl thing, I guess.

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    1. I go through phases with music. Sometimes I’m really into an album or band but I quickly fall out of love with it. I do love hearing live music though. Really, the thought that anyone can create something as difficult as a song or a book is awe inspiring!

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      1. Well, I have written my one novel. I can’t say I loved every second of it, but I think it’s good writing. For a first effort anyway… i’m always jealous of people with talent where it looks effortless.

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  2. Cheryl Mills

    My passion is speaking a word of the direction of Toxic Foods, that leads to prescription drugs, sickness and then we end up in the hospital, I absolutely love to speak on the food choices and the advertisements that we feed our bodies it has been a blessing on my part to have my eyes reopened I am watching family and friends become obese complain about their health because of the foods that they can’t seem to get away from or make better choices there is a plan for our life in certain neighborhoods and communities processed and cheap Foods the produce is bad not much to choose from we have to make a decision as a people to make wiser choices push come to shove be creative with the community garden because in the end you’ll end up with diabetes high blood pressure high cholesterol milk was never meant for human consumption animals that are truly infected but ending up on our dinner plates and we wonder why we get sick it is a passion to to help people acknowledge what is truly on your fork!!

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    1. The farm to table movement has certainly become popular, and for good reason! Not only does fresh food without antibiotics and pesticides taste better, it’s better for you. Thanks for sharing your passion!


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