Guest Post: Me Too

The horrible allegations against Harvey Weinstein and the women brave enough to step forward, have ripped away the curtain of shame that many of sheltered behind. I, too have my own story to tell, although it is not one of physical abuse.

When I was younger, in 1992, I went away to another state to interview for a job at a television station. I was there for the weekend to get a feel for that city and see whether I would like to live there. Unfortunately, the person I was interviewing with treated this weekend like I was their date. Planning a weekend full of dinners out, a concert, and yes, even dancing. I was very uncomfortable, but he never crossed that line where it became totally clear that this was inappropriate behavior. It wasn’t until my actual “interview” took place in his boss’s bedroom that a big light went off. I came away unscathed, but there are many women who weren’t as lucky as I. I wanted to share this post I read this morning from another blogger on Suzie Speaks blog. She has the courage to tell her own story. Please read it and share your own story. It is ok to speak up!



Suzie Speaks

**Trigger Warning – Domestic Violence and Abuse**

The allegations surrounding the predatory culture within Hollywood has once again highlighted the frequency and acceptance of sexual harassment and abuse, with a whole host of celebrities (both female and male) sharing their own personal and horrific experiences. Unfortunately, while the majority of the focus was initially directed towards a single person, it is not an uncommon nor new story and it’s something that takes place daily in every walk of life, prompting thousands to share their own stories, or simply respond with ‘Me too.’

Today’s post is an extremely personal one from Em Linthorpe. I have the upmost admiration for her courage to discuss such an experience, and I will leave the comments open below for you to respond with the courtesy and respect she deserves…

First I want to mention two bloggers who after reading their posts this week, inspired me…

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