This Chick Read: Flame in the Mist (Flame in the Mist #1) by Renee Ahdieh 

Mirako is on her journey to become the bride in an arranged marriage to the younger son of her emperor when she and her company is attacked with everyone dying but her. On her own in the forest Mirako decides to investigate who had killed her retinue and ends up infiltrating their group. Of course, she can’t do this as a girl so she decides to disguise herself as a young boy and discovers the freedom a change in sex brings.

Renee Ahdieh writes in a lyrical style that was totally appropriate to the time and story she was telling and rivaled the beauty of the covert art on her book. Her descriptions really gave the setting an otherworldly feel that matched an era that was royally majestic and colorful, which hid the squalor of its poor. Mirako as a girl was seen as strange and odd. While not unattractive, she was a girl who asked questions and showed intelligence in a time where girls were to be seen and not heard and femininity was prized above all else. Mirako as a boy was allowed to use her brain and in fact her intellect was rewarded. It’s no wonder that when she infiltrated the Black Clan the lines between right and wrong were blurred. She makes friends and yes, she finds love, but her duty to her family keeps clouding thoughts of what would bring her happiness. Would leaving honor and duty behind bring her joy? Those are the decisions she finds herself making in this book.

This was a beautiful book to read and very easy to go all in emotionally. Who doesn’t want to root for a girl to be honored for her intellect, find true love and fight the bad guys? Right on!


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