This Chick Read : Canary by Duane Swierczynski

Sarie Holland is at a college party nursing one beer all night long. She can usually avoid temptation, doesn’t do drugs, and is a very responsible girl. However, on this night she lets herself take one hit off a bong. That one hit sets her down a path that changes her life forever. At this party, because of that bong hit, she is approached by a cute guy and asked for a ride across Philly to “pick up a book” from a friend. She doesn’t realize until after she is waiting for him in her car, how stupid she was. The apartment her friend has gone in to retrieve his “book” was under surveillance for drugs. The cop, Ben Wildey, takes Sarie in for possession, her friend D, having run away, leaving her holding the stash.  From that moment on, unless she wants her dad to find ou and get kicked out of school, she becomes a snitch -or Canary, as she likes to call herself. There’s just one small problem. She isn’t involved in the drug scene. In fact her dad is a drug counselor! She has to figure things out quick because she has to hand over a drug dealer in 48 hours.

My reaction to this book  reminded me of when I saw the movie Taken, with Liam Neeson as the kick ass dad who’s daughter gets kidnapped while on a fun trip with a friend to Europe. I thought back to the number of times my parents let my sister and I travel alone to family in Europe, and the movie made it glaringly obvious that there is a horrible world out there and how naive I had been.  As I was reading this book I kept thinking, again, about how easily what happened to Sarie, could happen to anyone. I look back on my own college days, and what I would’ve done to spend time with a cute boy and thought , yep, this would’ve been me. Kind of scary to think!  However, unlike Sarie, I wouldn’t have chosen to protect this guy, D. Of course, there wouldn’t have been much of a novel if she’d immediately gone belly up and handed him over, so I guess plot wise, I’m thankful she didn’t!

The author really didn’t do the police department any favors with his portrayal of them. Wildey seemed to have a good heart, but the rest of these cops were crooks. It didn’t give me a lot of faith in the system that we all rely on. I know this is fiction, but still!  One good guy in a division full of bad apples? I did like how much Wildey cared, but was also pissed about how he had pushed her to do these dangerous things because he needed to catch a break in his career.

This novel was just as much mystery and thriller, as it was dramatic fiction. As Sarie went deeper into the drug underworld her naïveté, self protective instincts, and drive to do what is right overcame her need to just be done with the snitching. I rooted her on, flinched at the bad things that happened and was excited by the twist at the end. A very enjoyable book!  ❤❤❤❤❣

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