This Chicks Take Control of my TBR Update! (week 3) #TakeControlTBR

I’ll admit, I got a little off track this week!  I actually had a social life!  Lol. A hockey game one night and then an exhibit and book signing on another, which was great fun, really! But, with the ARC commitments (two books) and those other activities, I only got one book read that will count towards my challenge. And that book was…. insert drumroll here….

1) Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

This book truly deserves all of the great things everyone has to say about it. Check my blog for a future review!

Take Control of my TBR Challenge Goal – 12 books

Week 1 started off with a bang! 6 books read

Week 2 had a couple ARC’s throw off my total… 4 books read.

Week 3 had great weather, fun extracurricular activities 1 1/2 ARC’s read… and 1 book finished for the challenge.

3 week total- 11 books.  I have until this Friday to meet my 12 book challenge, and I know I can easily get that done.  So, just to make things fun, do you all think I can get to a higher book total? Anyone want to race me to the end? Ready…Set…Read!

I’ll post one last Take Control of my TBR Update next week! I do want to give a quick Thanks! To Kimberly at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.  This has been fun!


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