This Chick Read: Fate of Flames (The Effigies #1) by Sarah Raughley

Set in a contemporary world  where cities and citizens are attacked by phantoms. Four young women called Effigies fight against these beings until death when a new Effigy gains her powers and rises up to be a protector. Maia surfs fan sites and knows all the trivia about these girls, idolize girls them and putting them on pedestals. When she is chosen as the next Effigy, gaining the previous girls powers and memories of all Effigy’s before her, she realizes that these girls are just like her and the only way they can stay alive is if they fight together against a mysterious being who seems to be in control of the phantoms and has an edge over all of them.

The plot of this book was original and interesting. The Effigy before Maia may or may not have been murdered and Saul, the being who has control over phantoms, could have been behind her death. The concept of a super hero who attains pop star status and is stalked by paparazzi is somewhat similar to the Avengers and Tony Stark’s Iron Man. But these are young girls who have been forced into this position, and historically all Effigy’s die young and that is not something an average girl would aspire to be. I had trouble getting into this book because with the exception of Maia, these girls weren’t very likable and not very sympathetic.

This author does have talent and the storyline was original it just didn’t capture me, but that doesn’t mean it won’t click with another reader. This is the reason why I only gave it ❤❤❤. I’d like to give a shout out to the cover artist,that cover is fabulous!

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    1. I agree. She spent more time rejecting or running away from her fate rather than embracing it. It got frustrating. It was more realistic to see how it had changed the other girls, none of them for the better, really.

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