This Chick Read: Future Threat (Future Shock #2) by Elizabeth Briggs

Future Threat takes up six months after Future Shock ends. Elena and Adam are together, at least as much as Elena can be with her survivors guilt and PTSD from the results of their last trip into the future. They are trying to get on with their lives after Aether Corp. messed with their future. One day Aether comes calling and asks Elena, Adam and Chris back to run some tests. They end up being drugged and forced to go back into the future to rescue another team that had not come back from their most recent mission. Forced, they strike a bargain. We’ll do this if you’ll leave us alone forever. Little do they know that bargain or not, their lives are in danger and it’s up to them to make sure they all come out of this mission alive.

This novel starts off quickly, and even though it had been quite a few months since I had read Future Shock, I very easily got swept back into this time traveler plot. Elena felt a lot of guilt over her previous teammates not returning to their own time. That guilt messed with her head during this entire novel, and it was overplayed just a touch. Don’t get me wrong, Elena is a strong, very likable character, but I felt that she hadn’t learned anything about trusting people, Adam particularly. I mean, what did he have to do? He already proved himself to her in Future Shock. I would’ve liked to see that relationship had progressed a little more. However, the tension between those two characters was a huge plot point and actually reached its conclusion in this book.

I loved the different glimpses into Elena and Adams future we were given. At one point Elena runs into herself and is told that she had to work really hard for any happiness she had. That lesson resonated, and was a pivotal moment in this book. It’s hard to remember what it was like when I was eighteen, but patience and hard work is not usually a virtue of the young, and Elena didn’t believe in herself, so it was nice the older, future Elena gave her that push in the right direction. I think this may just be a two book series because all of the characters loose ends were tied in a pretty bow. It would be kind of nice to see which future Elena and Adam end up with, so maybe this authors could give us a Future HEA?

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