This Chick Read : The Shadow Queen (Ravenspire #1) by CJ Redwine

If you like updated versions of fairytales, then you will love The Shadow Queen. I hadn’t ever read one, so I was unsure if I’d like it, but I am happy to say that other than some of the basic plot points this storyline was as different from Snow White as you could get. Ok, there was an evil witch, and some rotten apples and some rather scary creatures that aren’t for the faint of heart! There was also a heroine who looked pretty similar to Snow White, with raven locks, pale skin and a healthy glow in her cheeks, but this was a Snow White with an edge! She knew how to fight!

Here are some of the plot points…Lorelei and her brother, are in hiding after their evil stepmother Queen Irina unleashes a flood of rotten apples on her kingdom, holding everyone entranced, including their father. Lorelai however, sees the apples for what they are, poison, andbides her time. One day she tries to save her father and brother by attacking the Queen with her Mardushka (witch) power. Needless to say, her power is too young and she is only able to save her brother, her father falls to his evil wife.  Hiding out with the help of a faithful servant, Lorelai and her brother play a little Robin Hood. They rob from the Queen, trying to diminish her power, while feeding the starving people in her land. She also trains daily hoping her power will become stronger.  One day she saves Prince Kol of the neighboring country of Eldr and his friends, from some starving villagers. He is on his way to Ravenspire to meet with the Queen hoping to get Irina’s help to fight off the Ogre’s that are attacking his land and killing his people. Did I mention he’s a dragon? These Ogre’s are using magic and it will take a very strong Madushka to help them fight them off. Irina , not surprisingly,tricks him into a slavery of sorts, and tells him that unless he brings her Lorelei’s heart, she won’t let him free and his people will die.

This fairytale was a wonderful mix of fantasy and action, with just a hint of romance. This was a classic story of good versus evil, with some martial arts and wizardry thrown in. I could very easily see this book as a movie, because it played in my head like a hybrid Disney slash Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The characters had great heart and, well, who wouldn’t want to see the evil Queen overthrown by a martial arts Princess and a dragon Prince?


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    Ooh. I have this book on my TBR list. I keep seeing it all over Instagram. Glad you enjoyed it! It’s always a nice surprise when you like a book you don’t think you would otherwise enjoy 😊

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