This Chick Read: When by Victoria Laurie

Victoria Laurie writes a fascinating Young Adult mystery about Maddie Fynn. A girl who has been able to see the death dates of everyone around her since she was a child. Haunted by the fact that she knew the date of her own father’s death, yet wasn’t able to keep him from being killed, she lives a haunted life. A loner, but for her best friend, she goes through high school life being an outcaste. Her mother, an alcoholic, who can’t keep a job, takes advantage of Maddie’s gift by selling her talents to people who want to hear their own death date. Usually, she does not get involved, but one day during a reading, see’s the death date of one of  her children, and tries to tell her about it. This is when this novel kicks into gear, and Maddie’s life spins out of her control.

There were many things I loved about this book. I loved how the author put everyone’s death date next to their name when they were introduced into the storyline. I loved her best friend Stubby (although hated his nickname), and his eternal optimism, even through some pretty horrible circumstances. I loved that Maddie, even against all odds-bullied, picked on and beat up, NEVER stopped going to school. I loved that the people who didn’t believe in her ended up caring for her, and yes I loved that she found a father figure in the detective who investigated her for murder. Most of all I loved that even though circumstances treated Maddie horribly, her life became better because of them.

Ok, plot. I mentioned a little bit above, but let me expand just a little bit, without spoiling the storyline. Maddie see’s the death date of a woman’s son, who is perfectly healthy. He does in fact die, kidnapped, tortured and murdered. This does not give away the plot, this is where her life unravels and the story really begins. Maddie and Stubby, try to get this woman to take them seriously, but she doesn’t listen. When her son dies, she points the police in Maddie’s direction, and they start investigating her for being involved in his murder. Her anxiety, Stubby’s optimism, her foul treatment by the police and her own peers, all of this amps up the tension to such a levelthat if the plot hadn’t burst open, I would have. It was fabulous.

The mystery was great, the characters well developed, and there were twists and turns that surprised me. Total enjoyment. ❤❤❤❤❣

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