This Chick Read: Star Nomad (Fallen Empire book 1) by Lindsay Buroker

Lindsay Buroker has a new science fiction series, Fallen Empire, that has been released on Amazon, and is free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. I haven’t read a true science fiction novel in a little while, but when I read this synopsis I thought it had all of the traits of some of my favorite genres. A strong female lead character, a conflict between two alien races, a lot of action adventure, and the promise of either a great male-female friendship or love affair.  I was not disappointed!

Alisa Marchenko was a captain in the Alliance, but stranded on a world far from home. She wants to steal her mother’s old, dilapidated spaceship, but finds a cyborg squatting onboard.  The conflict  between these two is based upon the war that was fought between their two races. Each harbors resentment towards a war that was hard fought, and hard won. They agree to live on this spaceship together if she’ll run an errand, dropping him off on a space port before moving on to Perun, her former home.  I loved that their relationship was based on what happened in the war, and even though Alisa had some prejudice against a cyborg race that was part mechanical implants, after she got to know him she no longer saw their differences, but Leonides honor and strength of character.

The crew she had gathered were kind of nutty, which made for a great storyline. Their journey through space was not without conflict and the fact that they all came together and made a great team, even though they were all so different made me want to immediately pick up the next book in their journey!  There are seven books that were immediately released on Kindle Unlimited so if you love the first, you don’t have to wait!  I love instant gratification, don’t you?!


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2 thoughts on “This Chick Read: Star Nomad (Fallen Empire book 1) by Lindsay Buroker

  1. Hi Deborah! I read this series when I found the first one was free on Kindle Prime. I don’t have unlimited, so I purchased the 2nd… and the 3rd… and so on.

    One thing that impressed me very much was the fact that the editing was absolutely spotless. Nary an error or typo anywhere.

    The story itself was tightly written, and there is a character arc for all of the characters over the entire 7 novels, plus lots of conflict. If only they communicated better…

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    1. I haven’t yet read through them all, but I’m glad to hear all the characters get equal time. They were interesting! Thanks for your comment. I love finding new authors and having conversations!


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