This Chick Read: Curse on the Land (Soulwood #2) by Faith Hunter

Nell has just completed training at the PsyLED academy, and is back home ready to start her new job. A case breaks and she is sent out to a pond to take a psi reading on a group of ducks who are swimming continuously in a circle.  Nell who was revealed to be inhuman, in the first book, is connected to the land in a mystical way.  When she tries to “read” the earth, she comes under attack and her team comes to her rescue rescuing her from an energy that tries to pull her underground. This situation is the first of many incidents that tie together mythology, science and fantasy creating a fantastic, unique mystery.

I fell in love with Nell in the first book, Blood of the Earth.  She is an interesting mix of youthful naïveté and cutthroat ruthlessness.  She uses that southern “bless your heart” charm, filleting suspects with a smile on her face. Nell is not the only character to have evolved since the first book. We learn a lot more about her team and their relationships with each other. Nell’s love interest, Occam, slowly makes a move, but is frustrated by Nell constantly being in danger. I look forward to that relationship advancing further in the next book. She needs to see herself as other than a “widder woman”, and I get the feeling that when she does, her magic may grow with te strength of her emotions.

I am slowly reading Faith Hunters Jane Yellowrock series, and after the multiple references in this book to Rick LaFleur and Jane’s past, and the possibility of Jane showing up in the next novel, I think I’d like the historical background so that I’ll fully understand the emotional impact of their reunion when it happens.  However, you don’t need to read that series before reading the Soulwood series.  I promise you will enjoy the unique qualities of these mysteries.


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