This Chick Read: All the Wounds in Shadow (The Healing Edge #2) by Anise Eden

All the Wounds in Shadow starts off almost exactly where the first book leaves us.  Cate Duncan has accepted her unusual therapy techniques as paranormal and has joined the MacGregor Group, although she is still in training status.  The MacGregor Group has been called in to help the government solve a mysterious threat by using their unique paranormal talents, and Ben gives Cate the option of joining the team, thinking they may need her abilities.  This mystery puts Ben back together with his old military team, and we get to see a little more details to his character than we had in the previous book, which is a good thing, as he was the straight man to the groups slight craziness in the first book.

Ben lacks any paranormal talent, but provides the leadership needed to help the team solve this crime.  The relationship between Cate and Ben is more deeply explored, although because of her “in training” status, she is not allowed to explore things sexually with him…or eat red meat.  I thought that was funny, but I’m sure there is a mystical reason for the sexually pure and vegetarian status to be tied together.  The lack of sex, does provide some tension between the two characters that I thought had been missing from the first book, and surprisingly allowed their two characters to grow as a couple.  As they solved the mystery, their relationship became a catalyst to Cate’s paranormal growth, and tying the two things together strengthened the storyline.

One of the things I enjoyed so much from the first book was getting to know the other members of the team at the MacGregor Group.  In this second novel, they were not the focus, and I missed that interaction, although when they were required to work as a team, the author had done a great job in the first book of developing their characters, so I didn’t need a recap of their abilities or quirky personalities, allowing me to immerse myself in that storyline completely.

For those of you that are looking for a different kind of paranormal romantic suspense, this would be a good series for you to try.  Ms. Eden has a more holistic approach to the genre which I enjoy, and I think you might as well. I received a copy of this book from the publisher Diversion Books, through NetGalley, for my honest review.


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