This Chick Read: Waypoint by Matthew Howe

How would you handle this situation?  You are kidnapped from your home, wake up in a hotel room, no phone, no money, and you have a bomb strapped to your chest.  I know what I would do, I’d freak the f*#@ out!  We meet Julie, one of the main characters in this fascinating thriller, in exactly this way.  When the phone rings,  the adventure begins.  Julie must get to the coordinates given on the phone within 24 hours, or else the bomb goes off and her life ends.

Matthew Howe, the author of this story, creates a frightening situation that makes your own imagination run wild.  Mine did, picturing myself in this same situation, cringing at some of the scenarios, I do think I would have behaved pretty similar to Julie.  Despite what this situation drove her to do, the author painted Julie in an honest light, and you couldn’t help but forgive her for any transgressions, and you certainly rooted for her.  Other characters are introduced into the story, creating a psychological mind game, pitting good versus evil, friend vs. foe.  Who will win?  You need to read this book to find out!

Matthew Howe crafted a well written, thrilling story, part Hunger Games and part La Femme Nikita.  As with Katniss,  Julie is the type of female character I love to root for, strong, intelligent, and most importantly, she has the will to survive!

Thank you, Matthew for reaching out to me on Twitter and giving me the opportunity to read your book for my honest review.


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